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Washington, Sept. 4. - Secretary Rusk has oflicially confirmed the news that the embargo on American pork had been raised by Germany. The consent of the Germán government in making' public the fact had to be obtained, as it had requested a delay for domestic reasons. But the formal notice was received Thnrsday that all the restrictions on pprk, bacon, ham, etc, imposed by the decree of 1880 and 1883 had been removed, and that the inspected portion of that product bearing the certifícate of the department of agriculture would be admitted into the Germán empire. The Germán government has also made some valuable concessions to this country in the matter of reduction of duties on American cereals, the same schedule being accorded to American cereals as to those of Russia and other countries. The result of these negotiations, in the opinión of Secretary Rusk, will in time prove greatly beneficial notonly to American meat products, but also to American rye, wheat and other products of the soil. Secretary Rusk hopes to secure the adrnission of American corn into Germany to Vake the place of rye, which is a short erop, as an article of food. To this end he has instructed Col. C. J. Murphy, his agent, now in England, to proceed to Berlin and lay the matter before the Germán government. There will be no proel amation by President Harrison in regard to the free importation of beet sugar from Germany. Beet sugar is already imported to the amount of, 17, 000, 000 per year. Under recent legislation it would be possible for the president to restore the old duty one-half if the pork embargo were kept up. This suggestion was made months ago by Secretary Rusk and probable had some influence in securing the removal of the embargo. Berlín, Sept. 4. - The Reichesgesetzblatt publishes an order to the effect that the prohibition of the importation of swine, pork and sausages of American origin shall nolonger be enforced when such live pig or hog product are furnished with official certificates stating that they have been examined in accordanee with American regulations and found free from qualities dangerous to health. The chancellor has sent instructions to the proper ofticials that the order be given immediate effect.


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