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A pleasant wedding took place at high noon, Tuesday, at the residence of C. W. Penny on north University-ave. The contracting parties were Miss Caroline C. Penny and Prof. Alexander F. Lange, of the University of California. Rev. R. B. Balcom, rector of St. Paui's church, Jackson, perforined the ceremony according to the Episcopal rite. The parlor was prettily decorated with flowers and golden rod,the former being presented by Jackson friends of the bride. Only a few intímate friends and relatives were present. There was no bridesmaid or groomsman. The bride was dressed in figured silk. After the ceremony refreshments were served. Mr. and Mrs. Lange left on the 2:19 train for the west. Among the guests present were Mesdames F. J. Sherwood and J. B. Cotter and Misses Mary Childs and Anna Newkirk, of Jackson, and Dr. George Schemm and Ernest Vobs, of Saginaw. No cards were issued by the bride's parents. Prof. Lange graduated from the University in 1885 and was instructor of English and Germán for several years. He is now assistant professor of Germán in the University of California. The bride is also a gradúate of the University. She was vice-president of the class of '90 for two years and during her college course was admired both for her accomplishments and social traite. PERSONAL AND SOCIAL. S. A. Moran was in Detroit yesterday. Eev. Max Hein was in Detroit Tuesday. J. H. Wade spent Tuesday in Jonesville. Dr. Fleming Carrow was in Flint yesterday. Wallace Palmer has been visiting in Adrián. John R. Bowdish spent Tuesday in Toledo. Prof. C. M. Gay ley returns to Berkeley, Cal., today. Miss Mattie Bowdisb, of Stockbridge, is in the city. Prof. M. L. D'Ooge returned Saturday from the east. C. G. Jenter left Monday evening for Geneva, N. Y. Mrs. Richard Masón returned Friday from Gladstone. Mr. and Mrs. David Rinsey visited in Ionia last week. Mrs. Herman Krapf has pone to New York for a visit. Miss May Soule returned from Europe on Thursday last. C.W. Wagner left, Tuesday evening, for Wequetonsing. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Henne spent Sunday in Manchester. Sedgwick Dean returned on Sunday from New York City. Mrs. Emily Hertel and son Cari are visiting in Coldwater. J. M. Stafford returned on Monday from Hot SpringB, Ark. Walter Mann, of Chicago, lit '90, is visiting Lawrence Cole. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wagner left, Thursday, for Petoskey. Mrs. Crowell, of the fifth ward, left for Port Huron Monday. Mr. and Mre. C. H. Overbeck spent Wednesday in Toledo. Michael Brenner returned from Minnesota on Thursday last. Stuart Millen expects to yiílt Chicago the latter part of the week. Mrs. Lizzie and Miss Belle Bowdish have returned from Detroit. Herman Pistorius is visiting his brother, Frederick Pistorius. Miss Lillian Stone, of Holly, has been visiting Mrs. D. A. McLachlan. Miss Ella Richmond, of Detroit, has been visiting Miss Emma Schmid. J. N. Riley spent a portion of last week in Detroit and Sandwich, Ont. Miss Lizzie Dean has been seriously ill with typhoid fever at Old Mission. Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Schairer are expected back from Philadelphia today. George Sperry, of Randall's photograph gallery, bas returned from the east. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Hulbert leave for their home in Minneapolis, Minn., Saturday. Mrs. L. A. Wight, of Fleming, has been visiting W. A. Vanderhoef and family. Frank II. Hess left Thursday 10 visit friends and relatives in and near Clinton. Misses Molüe and Lou Corson left Tlmrsday to visit friends and relatives in PetO3key. C. G. Stanger left on Monday for St. Louis, where he will attend a theological seminary. Prof. and Mrs. J. G. Pattengül returned from Kennebunkport, Maine, on Thursday last. Mrs. G. Van Riper and Miss Maggie Van Riper, of Texas, have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Cheever. Oscar Schmid arrived on Sunday from Joliet and is now yisiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Schmid. A pleasant dancing party was given Tuesday evenuigat the residence of Mr. Widemann on the Geddes-ave road. T. C. Linsenniann, of Der Deutsche Haii8freund, spent Sunday in Toledo, where he acted as best man at a wedding. Mn?. W. G. Doty and son Ralph returned, Friday evening, from Denver, where Mrs. Doty spent several weeks with her sinters. Mrs. Johnson, who has been visiting Mrs. Finney, of east Liberty-st, forsome time, returned to her home in South Bend, Ind., Monday. Dr. James R.Breakey, of Al ma Centre, Wis., and Miss Maria V. Lindsay were united in inarriage on Wednesday afternoon of latt week. Prof. J. V. Martin and wife, who have been spendlng the summer at Berlín, will return to Ann Arbor by October 1. Their trip has been a pleasant one. Mrs. August Hutzel and daughter, Miss Charlotte, who have been visiting in Germany and Switzerland, expect to return to Ann Arbor by Sunday next. Mrs. W. F. Reed, of Syracuse, Kan., formerly of this city, and Mrs. H. C. Waldron, of VVorden's, spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. Anna Hamilton. Geo. W. Johnson, G. G. Crozier and Miss Nannie C. Crozier have returned from Petoskey, where they have been attending the meeting of the Grand Lodge of Good Templars.


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