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"DoiTt Care to Kal."' It ík with the greatest confldence tha Hood'e Sarsaparilla is recommended fo loss of appetile, indigestión, sick head achfi and similar troubles. This med icine gently tones the stomach, assist digestión, and maltes one "realhungry.' Persons in dslicate health, ader takinj Hood's Sartaparilla a few diiyfl, fine themselves )oiiing for and eating the plainest food With unexpected rtlish. Incouu s ofTno Authorii. Victof Hueo S'!d one of his earlies nove Is I'"r 300 francs, or sixty dollars and lor "Les Miserables," forty years later, received 8100,000. Archibald Clav ering Gunter, a New York aulhor whosfl n'rst worksnot only did not brinj sixtv dollars, bnt were actually rejected ha received, so íar, from his sales o "'Mr. Potter of Texas," which might be said to be his "Les Miserables," $115,000 - New Yotk Advertiser. Nervous Prostration, SleeplessneBS,Sick and Nervous Headache, Backache, Dizziness, Morbid Fears, Hot Fla6hes,NervousDyspepsia,Dullness,Coniueion, Hysteria, Fits, St. Vitus Dance, Opium Habit, Drunkenness, etc, are cured by Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine. It does not ébntain anT opiates. Trial bottle and fine books FREE at druggists. Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Indiana. TUI A I . ltOTTJLE FREE, Soll hy l r.l mi il a solí. LEQALS. Coinniissioners' Wotlce. STATE OF MICHIGAN, I COUNTH OF WaSHTENAW. J The uiHlersigned haring been appolnted by the Probate 'ourt for said Coonty, Commissioners to receive, examine and adjust all claims and demande of all persons against the estáte of William . Titbbs, late of sala County deceased, hereby elve notice that six montlis from date are allowed by order of said Probate Court, for Crédito to present their claims against the estáte of said deceased, and that they will meet at the office of Elihu B. Pond, in the city of Ann Arbor, in said County, on Wednesday, the 18th day of November, and on Thursday, the 18th day of February, next, at ten o'clock a. m., of each of said days, to receive, examine and adjust said claims. Dated, August 18th, 1891. jn_ _&AÏ5? icommissioner Probate Order. STATE OF MICHIGAN. 1 County of Washtema w. j At a session of the Probate Court for the County of Washteuaw, holden at the Probate Office La the City of Ann Arbor, on Tuesday, the 2oih day of August In the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-one. Present, J. Willard Babbitt. Judge of Probate. In the Matter of the Estáte of Thomas S. Sanford, deceased. Benjamin Brown, executor of the last will and testament of said deceased, comea into court and representa that he is now prepared to render his annual account as such executor. Thereupon ü te Ordered, Thftt Tuesday, the 22nd day of September next, at ten o'clock in the aseigned for examining and allowing such account, and that the devisees, légateos and heirsatlaw of said deceased, and all other persons interested in said estáte, are required to appear at a session of said Court, then to be holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, in said County, and show cause, if any there be, why the said account shonld not be allowed: And it Is further ordered that said executor give notice to the persons interested in said estáte, of the pendency of said account, and the hearing thereof, by causlng a copy of this order to be published in the Ann Arbor Register, a newspaper printed and circulating in said County, tnree successive weeks previous to said day of hearing. J. WILLARD BABBITT, [A true copy.] Judge of Probate. Wm. G. Dgty, Probate Register. 73


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