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M m ákfk SAI.AEY and Commiselon to HUU Agents, Men and Women, Teachers yfw ' and Clergymen to introduce a new n(l Dopnlar standard liook. "MARVELS OF THE NEW WEST A new Aicent sold 70 In one week. AKent's irolHs SI36.50. Over 350 original eiiRravlnga. 10,400 copies sold in ONE EEK. Exclusive territory. Endorsed by the ereatest men of our country. Agents thorous;hly fnrtructed. Apply to 903 The HenrvBill PublishingCo.,Norwich,Conn, The Soap that Cleans Most is Lenox. ■■M WÊt 4t " ANAKESIS " Ki vcs instant IHri'lii't' mul is mi infalliblo L Cure for Tiles, i'.-urjl. [!y W I " -Drusnistsormml. Snmples ■ Wfree.AiUlnss'-AMKlMS," I ■■ ■■ Flio.x 2416, New l'ork City. Women are Slow oftentimes to adopt a good tbing, bat Men are Quick to try aml touse 'inythini; v Ti tu ■ r Learn lesöou i'ruoi tiie men, 1uIia-. The Respons ibi i iy i'oT many a poor burirli oí Bread la cbur the flour, when it reully belongs to (loot j ■ GILLETT'f h ALWAYS GOOD and always reo'1-: Try the OvA rnd Moon brand, and .1 ; (1 yoarSdf, us a man would At your Grocer's. Ia VThe Best and Purest Medicine L EVER MADE. VïtwHl drive the Humor fromyonrl I . Ck. system, and tnake your skinlll 'o J(&%k.clenn and Binooth. Thosel I %L Pimples and Blotche8 M %. ATW1rhu'h mar yo' beautym W n Í5 " "Jare caused by impureM 10 4a 'iiL.blood, and can be III Vj 4?5ÍJ%k.rcmovedinashortl Bi f sninll-only a teaV% ; , to - 9l 9 begt and cheapestJj o &V I j medlolne. Try it, and0 ■-}- c.%„ I I yonwlUbesatigSed. j'a, sA III j Uet it oí your Druggist. GS jj Dox'tWait. Getitaionce "vM If you are suffering from Kiii Ijl I ney l)iseao, and wish to live tok E olí age, use SULPIIUU BlTTEltsTV I I Tliey uever fail to cure. 11 til UI Send 3 2-ceut stamps to A. P. Ordway & Co., Boston, Mass.. for best medica] work puGlished? Purïf youR 8 lood WITH Hibbard's Herb Extract A WONDERFUL CURE. fjYi This is a true likeÉSa lsfol ness of mi' wear'nB aEtwSKjaL artificial nose and joBJL upper lip af ter Scrof■RLdïff ula had coHSumed my H 'S'TKjr nose and upper lip, mJ cured by IIibsard's V rA IIerb Extract. This Asl . '. JL is not a Patent medi preparation of roots and herbs that cured me over 47 years ago, sinco when I have cured thousands with its use. It requires a powerfnl vegetable remedy to effect snch a cure as my own, and my argument has always been that the remedy that cured me would cure all forms of Serofula or other Blood and Skin Diseases. lts suecess has been phenomenal. Send for list of testimoniáis and printed history of my caso, or cali on me any day, or write and describe your case. Advice free. Mrs. J. Hibbabd. Avoid imitationa. Be sure above tradeöiark is on wrapper. $1.00 at all Dr uggiats. HlBBARD HERB EXTRACT CO., 07 Canal St, Chicago, I1L


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