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Wïien Baby was riafc o gse her Castoria. When she was a C'hild. she cried for Castoria, ttTien shu becamr Miss, she clung to Castoria. Whe !e had Children. she gave tbem Castoria. CHEATINC I" HORSE B LAN KETS Nearly every pattern of a Horse Blanket is imitated in color and style. In most cases the mitation looks just as good ás the genuinc but it hasn't the warp threads, and so lacks strength,and while it sells for only a little less than the genuineitisn'tworthone-halfasmuch. The fact that sa Horse Blankets are copied is%strong evidence that they are THE STANDARD, and every buyer should see that the %k trade mark is sewed on the inside of the Blanket. mm Five Mile Ask 0 Êk Boss for ■#■ Electric %0 Ê" Extra Test lm % Baker HORSE BLANKETS ARE THE STRONGEST. 100 5A STYLES at prices to suit everybody. If you can't get rchem from your dealer, write us. Ask for ■the sa Book. You can get it without charge, WM. AYRES & SONS, Philadelphia. The IJrst Ui-mi-.? v m In this world,, saya J. üoiïluTr, of Syracuse, N. Y.. ia Paator Kotiui'n Ni-rve ; onlo because my uri, who was pariially paral yzoii three yeara afo and attacked hy fits. has nut had any ayuiptouid uf tlieiu ainc i ne rook otie ioilla of tie remedy. I moat heartily tbault fcr it. Tekbe Hauik, Im. o,-.'i. is. Somt; time ago a inaatroka so r. i my nerves tha at tiuna they ut i rol; eyt'8 wvn dull aud withuu ft.nri a :-r. imA a ■twitchiiiKof tb uuiscUh ol tlio inoe .ml ul.uost coiitiniial uicvoiiient of the haiu:H aud aruia. espfcialty l; e l;t sidtt. 1 Ikt.' was impüdiiuent of speech anda tiuiea ould lu so overcouw with diszineai uu t. ba unahle lo stand. Meard of Pastor K.;6li s Isarva To. 1c; tried one bottle and uoliüwl a great ohanu ; iriud auother, nnd ao.v can soy inat 1 am i -ilh, tttudy tutees und a iood '■;■'''■ chichi had lost eutireiy bofore using your iiifui.-im). iüANK l,. (KACE. "f%"-A Vitluable ISook en Nomras L IJu Ma IisOisc i:t Creo to any address, f Hr f and poor patieüt-s eau also obtaia II Li la liiis inediriiie l'ree of churse. This remedy has been prepared by the Reverend Paator Koenift, of Fnrt Wavtie, Iuil., since 1876. and Is now prepared unde r his directlon by the KOENIG MED. CO.. Chicago, III. Sold by Dniüsrists at SI psr I5ot tle. 6 Tor 05 LuiKo Size. l.r. e. ioi ;.-s 9. WART SBTACHABIiB LINK w BELTING. The Best. Jt Now the Cheapest. REDUCED PRICE LIST of drivo belt A other Spoolaltles for Kit ialort,Conveyomá: Marliinery for lmtiillineanr material in built orjunkafte. LUK BELT B.HIIUKRÏ CO., 3901 St(wsrt lic. Cüicigo. JfCl A AGENCYior'X' B A pamphlet of Information and ab-r VXstractof the laws.ShowiiiK llow toV BObtaiu Patents, Caveats, Trade ■t Marks, Copyrights, rit irce.m Addr. MUNN A COvJ Bk: :t)il Brondnay. M BkN. Ne York. 4([ f%,BÜYSPOÜNDBAR fe 53i)best&most SOAP. '" :


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