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BACK ABEL & CO. THEOLDRELIABLE Dry Goods HOTJSB. Special News lo; HousekeepcrM and KonrilliiK Hoiinp Poople. For the Next THIRTY DAYS We shall offer greater Inducements to Customers in want. UNEQUALLED VALUES. 25 DOZEN ALL LINEN HUCK TOWELS At $3.00 per dozen reduced to $2.25 per doz. for this sale. 25 DOZEN HUCK and DAMASK TOWELS At $2.25 per doz. reduced to$1.50 for this occasion. 5 PIECES 60 INCH WIDE. BARNSLEY CREAM DAMASK At 50 cta. per yd. Cheap under ordinary circumstances at 65c. ONE CASE BEST 9-4 BLEACHED SHEETING At 25 ets per yard; Regular price, 30 ets. 1OO DOZEN BLEACHED LINEN DAMASK NAPKINS At $1.00, $1.25, $1.40, and $1.50 per dozen, greatly reduced in prices for this sale. BLANKETS AND COMFORTABLES At much less than regular prices for this special sale, to stimulate business. This sale will prove a Bonanza to Housekeepers. Take advantage of this opportunity. The Old Bellable Dry Goods llonoe. Bach, Abel & Co., 26 SOUTH MAIN STREET. CITY KOTICES. Ice reniii. Vanilla, chocolate, coffee, pistachio, strawberry, macaroon, tutifruitti, bieque, nonquat. All Sunday orders should be giyen the day previons. tf E. V. Hangsterfer. Children Cryfor Pitcher's Castoria. loes. Orange, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, pine apple, Roman punch. tf E. V. Hanobterfer. Children Cryfor Pitcher's Castoria. The Annnal Excursión to Petoskey and Traverse City via D. L. & N. and G. E. & I. railroads will be run on Tuesday, Sept. 22d. This will be the best opportunity of the year to visit the famous resorts of Northern Michigan at very low rates and in the best part of the season. Special train will run through. Tickets good to return until Oct. lst inclusive, on any regular train. Train will leave South Lyons at 8:38 a. m. Kound trip rate $5.00. Geo. DkHaven, 73 Gen'l Passenger Agent. Children Cryfor Pitcher's Castoria. Presto ! We clip the following from Presto, oue of the leading musical journals of this country: " From many sources Presto learns of the increaeing popularity o the Guild piano, manufacturad by the Guild Piano Mfg Co., 101 Bristol street Boston. Among the representad ves o the Guild is Mr. A. Wilsey, Ann Arbor Mich., who recently gave an order f o: fifty of the instrumente. ín his adver tisement he says: 'The improvements in the Guild are vital. They are in the very heart of the piano. No slipping or springing tuning pins. None ar more honestly made. There is nothini shoddy about them. People like them and buy them. We have never beei able to get enough of them. More o them sold in Ann Arbor last year than all others combined.' Mr. Guild ha moved into his new factory premises which have been enlarged and fitted with additional machinery and othe facilities." 55tf


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