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Antón Dtto was flned $10, yesterday, ór being drunk. Elmer Stofflet has entered the Cleary ommercial college at Ypsilanti . Louis J. Liesemer has placed a new lectric motor in nis printing office. A number of evergreen trees on the ampus have been cut down. Electric lights have been placed in he store of C. A. Maynard. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Esslinger rejoice ver the advent of a littie daughter. The Congregational ladies' society for iible study will meet tomorrow afteroon. An artificial stone sidewalk is being aid around the Psi Upsilon fraternity louse. The old Cocker mansion on west [uron-st will be occupied by Rev. P. P. rarnham. The old allopathic hospital has been ainted and is nearly ready for the denal students. The Ann Arbor Brickand Tile Works eceived ten carloads of clay from Leands Monday. Rev. C. A. Young has rented one of ilrs. E. A. Rathbone's new houses on outh Twelfth-st. Fine wool brings twenty-two and wenty-three cents this week; Shrophires, twenty-eight Ed. De Pont and Charles Manly, jr., were elected members of the Light Inántry Monday eveninir. The choir of the Bethlehem church urnished mueic for mission services t Manchester, Sunday. Dr. G. E. Wilder, of Chautauqua, N. f., will assist Dr. MacLachlan during he present college year. Miss Emina Alezander, of this city will teach in the Northville high school luring the present school term. The Ann Arbor Light Infantry acepted the invitation of the Jackson Light Guarde and visited that city yeserday. About sixteen houses are being erected this summer by means of the Ann Arbor and Huron Valley building associations. Jno. H. Allen, of Cooperstown, N.Y., ias been engaged as organist and choir master of St. Andrew's church. His luties commence this week. Bernhard Mast was arrested Friday br running a saloon on Detroit-st without a license. He waived examination and was bound over to the circuit court. George Vanderwalker and William Goodyear expect soon to build new resdences on north Division-st. They will coEt between $1,500 and $2,000 apiece. Residente of the third ward are proesting against the location of the new Standard Oil tank-houses, which are now being erected on Felch-st near the Toledo tracks. Fred Robinson secnred a judgment Monday againsttheOhio Insurance company for $1,926.80. This represented the loss of a barn and contenta which burned some time ago. The demurrer filed by the residente on Packard-st eome time ago in the electric railway case was overruled by ;he judge on Monday, and the costs were awarded to the complainants. The floor in the wing of the old dental college has been raised 2? feet. Par;ttions have been put in on both the first and second floors. The building will soon be in good condition for the engineering students. A recent letter from Heidelberg, Ger many, announcea the death of Prof. Francis Brunnow, which occurred August 20. Dr. Brunnow was professor of astronomy in the University and director of the Observatory between 1854 and 1863. Francis Gould, of York , accused of assault upon hie daughter, re-appeared before Justice Pond Tuesday, waived further examination and was bound over to the circuit court. He gave a recognizance of $2,500 for his appearance on the fifth of October. Henry Forshee, Frank Forshee, Ezra Forshee,!George Roberts and Elias Boberts, all of Salem, appeared before Justice Pond yesterday, charged with resisting an execution which DeputySheriff Peterson attempted to serve. Their examination was postponed till the 25th. Marshall Murray narrowly escaped serious injury Friday morning last. The horses attached to the delivery wagon of Heinzmann & Laubengayer became frightened and tore down Mainst at a terrific speed. Mr. Murray attempted to stopthem and was thrown under the horses' feet. He fortunately escaped other injury than a few bruises. The special edition of The Registeb will greatly surpass anything that has heretofore been published to boom the city. Copies will be sold at the actual cost of the paper used in printing them. You should send in your order for a number of copies and see that are put where they will do the most good. Stephen Keegan, drunk, interviewed Justice Butts Monday. President Angelí is expected home the latter part of this week. A reception was given last evening in' honor of Eev. J. W. Bradshaw. The street forcé has been bnsy lowering the grade on north First-st. Paul Irion, son of Rev. Paul Irion, of Freedom, died on Saturday last. The partnership of Clark & Jones has been dissolved by mutual consent. Wb. Goodyear has moved into the DeForest house on north Division-st. Miss Boba Pulcipher, deputy county clerk, has filed bonds as notary public. A. E. Shaw will shortly erect a $4,000 residence on Olivia-ave, in the Hall addition. William Tuoraey, formerly of Dexter, has taken a position in the store of Mack & Schmid. A judgment of $7,758.42 was secured Monday against H.S.Platt, of Ypsilanti, in favor of Julius Wile. A reception for the high school stu dents will be held in the Presbyterian church parlors tomorrow evening. A revised edition of N. W. Cheever's "Probate Practice of Michigan" is now being printed by the Inland Press. Over 300 bushels of peaches from W. W. Nichols' orchard were picked and shipped to Detroit on Saturday last. The Register Pub. Co. received this week an order for a large job of printing from a party in Oakland, California. The union service will be held next Sunday evening at the Presbyterian church. Rev. J. W. Bradshaw will officiate. Mrs. Newton, of Rochester, N. Y., has moved into the house known as the Bower homestead, on the corner of Spring-st and Miller-ave. - Every citizen who has any interest in our city's welfare and growth should order a number of The Register special and see that they are put where they will do the most good. During August, the poor superintendent expended $44.81 in relief, distributedas follows: First ward, $4.44: second, $3.25; third, $16.93; fourth, $7.40; fifth, $11.24; sixth,$1.50. J. L. Babcock informs us that printer's ink well appled haB been the efficiënt means of returning to him his lost diamond. The reward has been paid, to the satisfaction of all parties. The finance committee of the council paid the following amounts during August : Contingent fund, $50.21; street, $1,069.10; fire, $381.88; pólice, $168.50; poor, $77.58; cemetery, $4.00; total, $2551.27. William Salyer has purchased the residence at 15 Elizabeth-st, and is taking possession this week. A Mr. Campbell, of Grand Ledge, has rented the house on south Fifth-ave, formerly occupied by Mr. Salyer. Tt was announced yesterday that Judge Thomas M. Cooley has resigned his position as chairman of the Interstate Commerce Cotnmission, on account of ïll health. The judge will remain in Ann Arbor. Copies of the special edition of The Register will cost six cents each. The postage on them will cost four cents each to citizens. We will mail copies forour patrons atpublishers' rateswhich will be on the special one cent each. The order of the Temple was conferred upon six candidates at Masonic Hall, Friday evening. Among the number were Dr. C. G. Darling and George Blum, of thiscity. Abanquet followed the regular exercises of the evening. Every subscriber of The Register in Ann Arbor should feel it his or her duty, after reading the special which we are getting out, to send their copy away to some friend whom they may know to be interested in the city. Mrs. Elizabeth Wallington, wife of the late Leonard Wallington, died in Detroit on Wednesday of last week. She was eighty-five years of age. lier home was formerly in Lodi. Her remainswere brought to this city Friday for interment. Marshal Murray, during the month of August, made seventeen arrests. Eight were for drunkenness, three for larceny, one for vagrancy, one for disorderly conduct, one for keeping saloon open on Sunday, two for violating city ordinance, one for cruelty to animáis. The twenty-sixth reunión of the twentieth Michigan Infantry was held at Lansing T.uesday. Capt. Geo. W, Bullis and N. D. Gates, of this city.were elected president and secretary respectively for the ensuing year. The next reunión will be held in Ann Arbor. Daniel B. Seeley, the slippery forger who was caught at Milan recently and escaped from Deputy-Sheriff Teterson's clutches.was re-arrested at Dresden.Ont Friday, and brought back to Ann Arbor by Mr. Peterson. Seeley is accused o forgery said to have been committed a the expense of the AUmendinger Piano and Organ company in June, 1889. The hoard of publ'c works lastevenng received seventeen bids for contructing Hip new bridge near the boulevard. They ranged from S2.522.92 to $1,456. The bid of the Sraith Bridge Company for a bridge with stf%l joists and heralock floor, to cost $1,522,00, was recommended to the council. This ompany also offered to build a bridge, with hemlock joists, for $l,f56. The ouncil will meet tonight lo act upon ,he recommendatior. of the board of mblic works.


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