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Real Estate Transfers

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The real estáte transfers for the week ending September 5, were as follows : Joseph Glaoscr to Catherine Glaeser, part w'Aavr'A sec. 25, Northfield $ 1 Christian Henning to L. J. Foersler, w 12 acres n 16 acres e K n.w J4 sec. 15, Ypsilantl town 2,000 James Doyle to V. B. Doyle, lot on st, Milan 200 Krank Staffan to G. B. Thompson, property on highway near block 6, Jas. Congdon's 3rdadd, Chelsea 750 A. W. Bassett to A. E. Jones, lot 481, Post and Larzelere's add, Ypsilantl 600 Joseph H. Peck to Mary A. Peck, property on Forest-ave, Ypsilanti 1 M. A. Vanatta to A. L. Walker, part of e y2 t.e'A sec. 9, Salem 422 Amarían Hammond to I. G. and F. B. Reynolds, property on Broadway and Traver a Creek, Ann Arbor _ 300 Easton & Storms to Superannuated preachcrs of Methodist church, part of lot 19, Lima i,,,,,, 90 Levi Simpson te Sarah E. Newton, property on Second-ave, Ypsilanti 50 Corliss & McLaughtin to H. T. Morton, lot 87, College HM add, Ann Arbor I 85 Immer C. Lane to Elira Eisele, lot 14, block 4 n range 5 e, Ann Arbor ■ 2,100 Allie Crawford to M. A. Crawford, Ann Arbor _ 100 Christopher Sell to George M. C. Peatt, 8 % wUw n vilA ec. 21, Webster _.. 300 John S. Carroll to E. B. Danforth, lot 3 and 4, block 2 n range 15 e, Ann Arbor - 1,100 J. C. Goodrich to W. F. 8mith, lot 129. 130, 881 and 382, Park Eidge subd, Ypsilanti... 157 Sidney Ashton to Wm. Scipio, part of n. e ü n. w i nee. 16, Augusta 300 J. L. Moore to G. S. Barnes, lot 140, Park Ridge snbd, Ypiilanti - 75 Decatur Gotte to M. Weinkauf, n e J4 n e !4 ec 24, Augusta _ 975 Chas. F. Dose to Moses Lajoie, lot 21, Spring Hill add and lots 125, 126, 127,1 28, J. B. Gott's 2nd add, Ann Arbor 650 E. F. Baldwin to Moses Lajoie, part of e i w M n w % sec 20, Ann Arbor „ 200 Diana Posey to F. J. Johnson, lot 1, McCormick'e add Ypsilanti 200 W. H. Isabell to J. and V. Tolliver, property on Harris-st, Saline 6