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Of the 1,900 policeinen in Chicago 1,550 are Irishmen. The United States has 637,000,000 gola coins, and only 411,000,000 are in circulation. Two acres of land adjacent to the London houses of parliament have been advertised for sale at L1,000,000. The bullet which killed Lord Nelson at Trafalgar is one of the treasured exhibits of the London Naval exhibition. The people of this country nse three times as inuch writing paper as those of any other nation in proportion to their number. Another universal language after Volapuk has been invented in Chili by a navy surgeon. It is entitled "La Lengua Católica." Alacon, Ga., has a ten-year-old stenographer and typewriter wlio has started in business for herself in a prominent hotel of that town. Alter a recent rainstorm at Folsom, Cal., gold nuggets were picked up in the streets. A luoky boy found one that he sold for nine dollars. A foundling asylum on Lexington avenue, New York, recently received two Chinese babies, wbo were snbseqnently adopted by respectable families. An Iristi-American in Newark, N. J., was let off from punishment in court recently for thrashing a foreigner who disputed his assertion that the United States was the best country on earth. The bell ringers of English clrarches held a convention receutly, the seventy delegates representing 12,000 members of the profession. They discussed methods of alleviating the horrors of harsh sounding bells. The island of Hawaii, the largest in the Sandwich group, is constantly increasing in size, owing to the ever flowiiig streams of lava, whicli run out to the sea and flow over and make the shores of the island overhang the main stem of the formation.


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