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Alvin Wilsey

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THE j BEAUTIFIL GUILD PIANO flapüfactlired ip feo&top for pearly 30 year3. Nearly 26,000 ip 113e. Jakep 85 tirst hepiilipis. , NO RISK IN BUYING A GUILD. THEY NEVER FA1L. THE IMPROVEMENTS IN THE GUILD ARE VITAL. THEY ARE IN THE VERY HEART OF THE PIANO. Mo slipping, or springing timing: pins. Examine tliem. None are inore honestly made. There is no shoddy about them. People like them anti buy theiu. Moreofthem sold in Ann Arbor last year than all othera contbined. Elegantly finished in varions kinds oí wood. See them before yon buy. From the Presto oí August 2O, 1891. YÍ1II TAlf F NH PHANPF Other Age ncy for the Standard MR. GEO. M. GUILD'S SUCCESSES. ■ UU I HIlL llU UlinllULO ♦ He has placed his patent improvements beyond IM DYNR M . q i i i Rotary Shuttle the ban of eritfolsm. His tuuing pin and bridging devices "1 UUIIIlU INeW ana OeCOnÖ-nanÖ have received pronouiiccd pralse from valuable sourccs, ■ RFWINP MA PM! NP and have won a olass of trade that has tied as closely to the H D. _ ÖLfflllü lllnUllliil I Guild piano as bark grows to a tree. pil 11 DIAlUn rianOS, (JTganS, (The Presto is one of the leading musical journals uUlLU IHIlUl published in this country.) _ ,, . ,. , „ See the 1 See them and see our list of fiui+arQ Ranino Jackson, Mich., August 23, 1891. purshasers. VUILclïb, DdilJUb, "Do we like our piano?" It is called the We might add testimoniáis by PARAOONI flnest and sweetest toned piano in this city. the score. , _ John E. Duvaiid. Prièes reasonable. Terms easy. ttC, ttC. Before you buy a Bicycle. PIANO añd ORGAN TUNING I have a Toner regularly employed. Prompt attention given orders, and Satisfaction Guaranteed. 9 25 S. FOURTH AVE., ANN ARBOR, NICH. I


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