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NEW FALL GOODS AGAIN! ,; ;, - .. SEPTEMBER HERE. -, One season slips uvay into another U . ÍJr?Íttt? without any iaterruption of trade. Im7 'LJf -:f& mense linea of New Goods are rolling . i' fíraUVCj. Í11 every day, and we are putting out ' T : 'WAL1 ' lresa attraetions in every department, K '"'"' and makea big offer for your patron''' li SlitrP"' ' M ' ' d in seasonab'e goods at very low llR S DRESS GOODS ! .tvLJ VWV "JPtÜ ' stve ani Price8 cut any figure the 'AS? NÜ . Dress Goods Trade of Ann Arbor will V JsnV 'LNn largely travel our way tliis Fall. e r' S v. JS 5%È& Enough of what the ladies are going 4jJi WST'V' to wear this Fall is here to show the yéy% - i3sx drift of fashion. Every day adds to eht story and gives lts cheering welcome to some speechless messengera of Fall Trade. Rough Wools with a craze for dots and spots; Scotch Twisted Suitings, Plaids and Camel's Hair, West of England Tweeds Engiish Suiting, Bedford Corda, Cheviots, Snow-flakes, Angora Cloths, Homespuns and ELEGANT PARIS ROBES. Scarcely any two alike, making the grandest collection of Fine Dress Goods ever sbown in Ann Arbor. Last week we advertieed seventy-five Stylish Dress Patterns in Rough Effects at 83.97 a Snit, worth S5.00. They were sold in three days. Not to disappoint our many friends we havesecured 200 more, and will make the same low priee 83.97 a pattern to keep our Dress Goods Department popular. BLACK DRESS GOODS. Yes; This department has become a household word in Ann Arbor. Ladies! all we aek don 't buy a Black Dress until you examine the best Black Goods stock in Michigan. That's right, we have only a few words to say about this stock. The goods s.ell themselves. SILK SURPRISES. 500 yard? Black and New Shades, all Silk Surah, cheap at 50 cents For one week we make the price 25 t'tiilts a yard. 10 piecef Black Sarah at 50c, 65c, 75c and 81 a yard. ■A inch Faille Black Silk, cheap at 81.50; this week 81.00 a yard. JÉL cloak department. i ' Hi Fashionable Fall and M Winter Garments. jU Our display comprises the latest fash W 'nl -On8 frOm a11 parts of the fllsnionable world LL V in Jackets, Capes, Newmarkets, and Misses' Ir UI ■ and Children's Cloaks. H I This cut shows one of the most popuV fi@ ƒ ''} M lar Garraents worn this season. It is the A !ls''ÍÍV Lea(er of the season, It combines the ij '■fff best features the of hip seam and Reefer ' 'f Jackets, being perfectly tight fitting in 'M the back, and half fitting in front, a gar:A ment combining both grace and comfort. !nl The demand for Fur Trimmed Garments is !tt very large. Our stock comprises the newest M styles in Jackets, trimmed with Astrachan, ■ , Opossum, Mink,Mufflon, Persian, Lamb and jfl Bl Cuney. Ladies ! Don't miss seeing our grand display of New Fall Goods. LEADERS OF LOW PRICES


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