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E. F. Mills & Co.

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103000 LADIES' MUSLIIU , ARPFT CARPET UNDERWEAR. LARGEST DEPARTMENT. things in Only Complete Line in the city. Special Values in All. FALL DEESS CHDOIDS EVERY 'oYpmen? " W' 'ngrainS' n at ff" a garment. Good Tapestry Carpets - 49c. Placedon sale this month. Every Elegant lines of Brussels, Velvets, price from 10c. to $2.OO yard. Rugs, Art Squares, Portiers, Lace No such stock in the city outside of Curtains, Oil Cloths, Linoours. we lead in this. Samples Sent on Application to any part of the Country. leums, etc etc. THE OLD "WINES & WORDEN STORE." Improved, Kemodelcd, Modernized. "THE ONE PRICE STORE," 20 S. Main St., ANN ARBOR. THE MOST SUCGESSFUL STORE IN ANN AR30R. Winning ïiew Customers Every Day. SILKS. I I LINENS. Unprecedented Values. Large Sales, Low Prices the Rule in this Department. Black and Colored Silk Surahs, 25c. _ Boardlng Houses and Hotels SuppHed at Fine Black Surah, - - - - 49c. nniWI CCSTirCS LowRates. Elegant All Slik Brocados, - - 89c. UUIVICO I lUO. Towels at lOc, 12c, 15c, 17c, 25c and UPB.ack Fa.l.e-extra wlde, ■ - - 83c. A STRONC DEPARTMENT W.TH US. Napk.ns at 5Oc 75c Sl.OO, $..23. $ 39, Peau De Sole-vaJue $1.25. - - 98c. Mlddlesex, yard, B.'d Cotton, - 5c Table Llnen. 2c. 35c. 5o. 6OC 760. 32 inch China Sllks, - - - - S9c. Atlantic L. L. Brown Cotton, - - 5c 85c and up. Fine Colored Fallles, .... 98c. Good Cotton Flannel, 5c Housekeepers wlll do well to get our 18 Inch Colored Velvets, - - 75c. Bargain Domet Flannel, ... 5C Prices before Buylng.


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