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. - I - The Soap that Cleans Most is Lenox. Pb ■ I BM 4fe "AXAKi.SIS ' pi vos instant ■■relief and is an Infalliblo U 1 L W Cure lor l'ih. l'll. .'1. Ity n I P iBADrufrftistsormail. Samples I Bjfrc.-. A.I.Inss-ANAKKSIS," ■ ■ ■■ ■■Ilux -lili, New Vork City. (ÖOrtft S5-A.I .A.KY and Commission to WwWWi A8fiits, Men and Women, Teachers aud Clergyinen to introduce a iiew and iinpular sliiKiInrd hooit. MARVELS OF THE NEW WEST A ii. Agent sol.l 70 in .■!, week. AicpiifH profil Ki:t(; rll. Over 350 original eiiKravings. 10.100 copies sold in E wIBK. Kxelnstve territory. Endorstd hy the greatest men of our counlry. Agents thorouühly instructed. Applyto 9C3 The HenrvBill PubhshingCo ,Norwich,Conn. DR.MILES'NERVINE Jíri9 othii? like the EESTORATIVE NEKV INE discovered by the great epecialist, Dr. Milee, to cure all nervone diseaaes, as headache the blues, nervoua , proetration. eleepleeanesa, neuralgia, St. Vitus dance, flts, and hysteria' Jlany physicians use it in their practice, and say the resulta are wonderfnl. We have hundreda oL testinioniala llke these from druggiste. "We have neverknown anything like it." Snow&Co., Syracnse, N. Y. "Every bottle sold brings words of praise, J. G. Wolf, Hillsdale, Slich. "The beat Beller we ever had." Woodworth & Co Fort Wayne, Ind. "Nervine selle better than anythini; we eyer had." H. F. Wyatt & Co., Concord, N. if Trial bottle and fine liook of -testimoníala FRE E at drugglsts. Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind. TRIAL BOTTXE FBEE. Sold ly EBERBACH t Sltil. $ m fa jjfeC "ARESTRicny Tbc Lurirc(. Fatif and Flnext Ín tho World. Fawngfr lu-conuniiiiniis uiitxtflied. NEW YORK. LONDOND'RRY AND GLASGOW Ethiopia Oct. 1 1 city op Rome Oct. 10 ANCIIOBIA " 3 ClRCASSIA " 15 FURNESSIA " ,H I ETHIÜPIA " 17 NEW YORK, GIBRALTAR AND NAPLES. SIALDIN, SEGÜND-CLASS ANB STEERAGE ratesonlow -t ternui to and f rom the principie SCÜTCH. ENGLIJH, IRISH ANO ALL CONTINENTAL POIWTS. Bxunnlon Tickets rednosd, made avaOaUeto retara by either tho Plotarsaqac ('lyde A North of lrvland, or DRAFTS AND MONEY ORDERS POR ANY AMOUNT at lowest ciirrcnt rab fl. Apply to auy f our lot-al atrctits, or to HENDERSON BROTHERS, Chicago, III. JANES K. 1EAMI. Agent. LQDSFSIXTRAÜT RBD CtOVERBLOSSOM Femalo Weakness Sores, Ulcers, Tumirs, Altsri-sse.s, Iï!i;mI PoiNOllill};, Salt ICh.'uiti Catarrh, EryslpelHS, Khouiuatism aml al, Hloodancl Skin Diseases. Price %i, per Pin: Bottie, or 6 liottles for S5. ilbcan SolidL.N'te-50. J. M. LOOSE RED CLOVER CG Detroit. Mich. soid bv aiidruggists. Ask hit hïmi for IV. l . nniiKliix SliOfs. Il nol for mhIp Iii jour plrr ank your denier to icihI lor 'iilnli[ii-, secure tUr uiceucy, and ;;■! tliem lor yoii. f-V"; MTTAHE NOSUBBTrrUTE. -S FOR íflENj '-iFOfll ík WHY IS THE W. L. DOUCLAS $3 SHOE CENTREN THE BEST SHOE IN THE WORLD FOR THE MONEV? it is a ManUea sh-.', with do tmekM r wax thrwd to hurt the f eet; made of the best flne calf, ntyllsh anti easy, and because we mtike more shocs o thi.t grade than any other mnnufacturer, it equals handewed shoes costiUK f rom 4,ijo to ■ tLS 00 Qenalne Ilatid-Neweit the fluest calf fm siiDo fvrr offered fir BSau; bquaIs i"'rench tmportei shocs whicii cot frorn t8.(XtO 12-tW. QtA. 00 Hand-Kewed WelC Slioe, flue calf, ■■ styiirïh, comiortable aul durable. ben shoe ever offt-n'd at thin prlea ; same grade aa custMinniadiï slioos eonlng from & to $9.00. flJO 50 Pólice Slioc; Farmera, líailroad Men vvi and LtterCarrleraall wearthem; One calf, leamless, unootb buide, beavy rhrco nua. sxtantton edge. Ona pair will wear ayear. DO fI50 calfl DO bi'ttrr ühneeveroffert'ii at vCi this prlce; ona trial wfll couviuce thosu who want a shoe for comfort and service. DO 2', umi ï.00 WoikinuiiianN ihOCI ipmmm are vérj ttrong and darabTe. havo giveu thcni a trial wlll wear no other mal:. . Dauc' iSTOO and 81.75 Bctaool iboea are I OWJ vvorn hy thtr boyseverywheri; th -y st-it on thelr merits, as the Increaalng salei show. I o oc -'i-OO Uand-uwed shoe. ■■CIU ICö LKniKola, verystyllsh; equalsKrench Imported shoes costiugfrom W.OU to t6.0U. l.ndiis' ï.-o, &.00 nul $1.75 shoe for Sllssosare the best flneDOngola, stjlNh and durable. íautiou.- See tuat W. L, Ltouglaa' name uud prlce are staiupcd va the bot toni of eaob shoe. L. DUUULAS, Brucktou, Mass. WW. Kt;iMIAKII A (O. 42 S. Mai ii Si HAMILTON'S INSUEANCE, Real Estáte AXI) Loan Agency. No. 2, Hamilton Block, FIRST FLOOK. PJT.".es íe8.IrinF t0 buy or 5e" Re&1 Éstate wjil una n to tnelr adrante ge to cali on me. I represent ten First-Class Fire Insurance Cos. Rates Low, Losses Promptly Adjusted and Promptly Paid. 1 also Issue LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES in the Connectlcut Mutual Life Insurance Co. 4-0nd Hnndred Lots in Hamilton Park Additlon for sale. Office Hours- S a. m. to 12 M., and 2 to 5 p. m. A. W. HAM1LTOS. PVBETTON'S. flk A POSITIVE Pi CURE FOR in rT%. bib CC use máA w ta_ OVER VáJI jl IkkVI lOYEARS.L NBffBkT ÏPER WONDERFUL.QF J.8 Hlghest TESTIMONIÁIS, PÉ fL At Drumr'"t. of Malled on irB. Btcdptof Trico. HriB WINKELMANN &BROWN L9 Drug Co. rrop-. Baltimors. Md. S9i #m%F" ■ IBiV" Grcat Germán ■ 11 19 II A B IN E Beadacbe Curowili HürrULIIlC sLsrïftiti2i forma of herulacho. Pcoplo who have puffered, aas (tisaOod's blossin? C%D to ankiul. Ploasant to use. No bad %fn efferts. C'urecertain and quick. For salo by drueeiBtB, or by mail 25 -ntn. iVïKt;i.n i &■■■■ Am j%lll Ititou Din UiknlEAl Uk PENSIONS.01! I Lost Discharges Quickly Duplicated. 18 Years EXAMINER U. S, Pension BurëaüT D. I. MURPHY, P.O. Box 534. Washington, D.C. N. W. AYER A SON. our uuhorin : GOLD MEDAlTpáSIS; 1378. Ï. Baker & Co. s Breakfasf Cocoa from which the excess of oil has been removed, is Absolutély Pure andit is Soluble. No Chemicals are used in its prepnration. It has more than three times the strength of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is therefore far more economical, costing less than one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishi strengthening, easily digestí::), and admirably adapted for invalida as well as for persons in health. Scld by Crocers everywhere. W. BAKER & CO., Ourcnester. Mass. The Best in the World. The "DAVIS." OVER HALF A MILLION IN ÜSE FOB TERMS, ETC., ADDRESS, DAVIS SEWING MACHINE CO. DAYTON, O. CHICAGO, ILL. Capacity, 400 Machines per Day. NEW SHOPS OF THE DAVIB BEWINQ MACHINE C AT DAYTON. OHIO.


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