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- ■ ■ WhenBativ -:. ."-; her C,aWhen he ra a I !hiTd. s!e eried for Castoria rhen Bbu becatne Miss, Bhe dong to Castoria. SV'ht. !e had ChildrBD.ahe gavethein Castoria CHEATING HORSE B LAN KETS Ncarly every pattern of $a Horse Blanket is imitated in color and style. In most cases the imitation looks just as good as the gcnuine, but it hasrit the zcarp threads, and so lacks strength.and while it sells for onlya little less than the gertuine it isrvtworth one-half acmuch. The fact that sa Horse Blankets are copied is strong evidence that they are THE STANDARD, and every buyer should see that the ?A trade mark is sewed on the inside of the Blanket. BBÊ i __ Five Mile Ask #% A BSS for ■# Electric ##aExtraTest lm % Baker HORSE BLANKETS ARE THE STRONGEST. 1Op 5A STYLES at prices to suit every body. If you can't get them from your dealer, write us. Ask for the 5a Book. You can fet it without charge, WM. AYRES & SONS, Philadelphia. Tlie lïest Urmedy UI In thls world,, says J. Holïherr, of Syrac6e, N. Y.,ia Pastor Koeniy's Nervo Tonic, beciuise my sou, who was partially paralyzod ibree years agc aiid attocked by fita, has not had auy 3ymptuiiia of them he took ono bot tlO of thö rouiedy. l most heartlly thank for it. ÏKiutE Haute, Inij., üct. 17, 1S90. Sotno time ago a sunstroke so añ'ected my norvürt tha at tiniea thoy wero boyond control; eyea wero dull and without expreasion, and a tuitcltin'of tho muscles of tho faco and aliaost continuai movoiuontof the hauds and arms. espeolally the lef t side. ïhero was imiediiiieiit of B] i.'1'C'li, aiui at times nyouIíI bo so overeóme with dlzzlneBB as to be unaulo to stand. He ar d of Pastor Eoenlg'8 Norve ïqio; tried ono bottle, and noticed a great chaEL'e ; tried another, and Dow can say that I ain enjoying perfect health, teady nérvea and a good appeiue, whichlhaa tost entirely before ueing your medicine. TRANK L. ÜKACE. IPf%l"f"- A Valnable lïook 011 Norvons Ëg II tg Eg Uiseases seut t ree to any :idln .-?, W H w r and ioor paüents eau alo obtain llM tïiïs medicine lieo uf charge. This remodyhas been prepare d bytlie Reverend Pastor Koenig, of Fort Wavnt-, lnd., since 16Tö, and Isnowpreparedunderhis duecUou by the KOENIG MED. CC,, Chicago, III. Sold by Drusrsists at SI ?er Bottlc. 6 for S5. LINK fwBELTING. The Best. _ Now the Cheapest. REDUCED PRICE LIST of d rive belt AotberSpfcialties for FAcyatonfiomvtwr & Maciiiiif ry forUancilitt? nny materUkl in bulk or packuge. LI5K BELT MiCHttm Cü., 3901 Stewart Ave., Cliicago B A pamphlet of Information and ab-B ■Bi stract of the laws, flhowiiiji How tofiï fBObtuin Patenta, Caven ts, Tnulfi HBMarks, Copyrights, sent 1rieyfifiÊimtJ H.3til rondway, jflT %,BÜYSPOUNDBAR p 5f) BEST & MOST ggXEC0N0MICAL S lC CM CS G O. FRUIT-:-FARM! PEARS AND GRAPES A SPECIALTY All kinds of Fruit and Ornamental Trees and Flowers, from Ellwangek Si Harrv. Oider Kiirly by Muil. Syrups, Medicinal Wines. Raspberry Syrups. Boneset, Dandeliou and Other Domec (rap Wiues, prepaied especially for Invalia. ■W Pure Plymouth Rock Erks. BMIL BAUE, W. HlKUX-ST. BEMOYED-HANGSTERFER- CATEBEB. STO NEW STOKEFStí on iuaaiaiM street, Frst door east of Main-tt. ICE CREAM SODA, 5 CENTS. The flnest Confectionary iu the City. 80 PLl


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