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. TOLEDO n ANN ARBOIï NÖRTH MICHIGAN F RA1LWAY. L-1 - '-J k ;{feEcX Ijl Boward CT; #B A Y CITY ) .USKEGON Kk-ls31 II "rNi vJJJ )))J1 lHOWELlV.r !í:1-p5#í AdjS;J7jcO f ! -'t South lieml 7j7TOLÍDOr ma rt.Wyne.i X','-iy TKAIXS I-E A VE AXX ARBOR GOING NOETH. NO. 2. 7:10 4. M Through Mail and Exprea 4. 11:50 P.M Ann Arbor & Toledo Accom 6. 5:05 p.m Clare Passenger GOING SOCTH. No. 1. 11:30 A. M Clare Toledo Aocom 3. 9:20 P.M Through Mail' 5. 7:20 a. M Ann Arbor & Toledo Accom Central Standard Time. AH tralns daily except Sunday. Trains 4 and 5 run between Ann Arborand To. ledo, only. W. H. BENNETT, G. P A .Toledo. R. S. GREENWOOD, Agent, Anu Arbor Michigan GêSISS " The Niágara Falls Route." CENTKAL STANDARD TIME. TRAINS AT ANN ARBOR. Going East. Going We Mail „ 4.42 p. m. 9.35 a. m, Day Express 5.25 p. m. 8.30 a. m, North Shore Limitedf 6.22 p. m. 10.19 a. m. Chicago ExpreBSt 2.19 p.m. N. Y. & üm. Ext 9.45 p. m. Night Express 6.05 a. m. Evening Express 9 18 p. m. Atlantic Expresst 7.45 a. m. Pacific Expresst 10.30 p. m. Grand Rapids Ex 10.19 a. m. 5.52 p. m. Daily except Sunday. Daily except Saturday + Daily. O. W.RUGGLES H. W. HAYES, G. P. & T. A. Chicaeo. Aa't. Ann Arbor. UNACQUAINTED WITH THE GEOGRAPHY OF THIS COUNTRY WILLOBT0 MUCH VALUABLE INFORMATION FROU A STUOY OF TH1S MAP OF THI CMcap, Rock Idanl & Pacific Rï, The Direct Route to and from Chicago, Jollet, Ottsl Peoría, La Salie, Moline, Eock Island, in ILLK0BI Davenport, Muscatiue, Ottumwa, Oskaloo, W Moines, Winterset, Auduhon, Harían and Conncll Bluffs, in IOWA ; Mlnneapolis and St. rnul, in MKESOTA; Watertown and Pioux Falla, in DAZOTAi Cameron, St. Josepli and Kansas City, in MISSOUH; Omaha, Lincoln, Fairbury and Nelson, in XKBKASWi Atchison, Leavenworth, Horton, Topeka, Hutchin" Wichita, Belleville, Abilene, Dodge CHy, CaldIl. U KANSAS ; Kingfislier, F.l Reno and Mineo, in IWIU TERRITORY; Denver, Cplorado Springs mlJ Pue- in COLORADO. Traverses new áreas of rich farml! and grazing lands, affording the best factlities of intwcommunication to all towns and cities east and w horthwest and southwest of Chicago and to I'aciflc W trana-oceanic seaports. MAGNIFICENT VESTIBULE EXPRESS TRAINS Leading all competitore in splendor of IuiP!?j between CHICAGO and DES MOINES, CO " BLUFFS and OMAHA, and between CHICAGO anj DENVER, COLORADO SPRINGS and PUEBLX:pol KANSAS CITY and TOPEKA and via ST. JOStf. bj First-Class Day Coaches, FREE RECLININO CB"1 CARS, and Palace Sleepers, wlth Dinlng Car ber nj Close connections at Denver and Colorado Springs 'm diverging railway Unes, now forming the lier picturesque ) STANDARD O AUGE I TRANS-ROCKY MOUNTAIN BOUTS ■ Over whlch superbly-equipped trains run ■ THROUGH WITHOUT CHANGE to and í"iJ LakeCity, Ogden and San Francisco. THE "M JSLAND is also the Direct and Favorite Line 'm from Manitou, Pike's Peak and all otlicr '''ri',),! BCenicrcsortsandcitieaaBdminingdistrictsintow DAILY F AST EXPRESS TBáVÍ J From St Joseph and Kansas City to and from ""JJ portant towns. cities and sectiona in Southern "YLBEgS Kansas and the Indian Territory. Also vla fL-M LEA BOUTE from Kansas City and Chicago J town. Sioux Falls. MINNEAPOUS arnl ))C,'ffea connoctiong for all points north and northwesi the lakes and the Pacific Coast. form"0 For Tickets, Maps, Folders, or dcsireii i n w m apply to any Coupon Ticket Office in the U"" or Canada, or address E. ST. JOHN, JOHN SEBASTINi Gen'l Manager, Gen'l Tkt. & Pa CHICAGO.


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