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The term "Model" applies very well to the store of Schuh & Muehlig. Everything about it is worthy of imitation by all hardware firms who wish to please the people and thus win prosperity. The senior member of the flrm, Jacob F. Schuh, has been in business ever since 1861. He is said to be the oldest hardware dealer in the county. He and his partner, Mr. Muehlig, are ever ready to attend to the wants of customers. The store occupied by Schuh & Muehlig is 120 feet long, and has three stories and a basement. The entire building is packed with goods. On the first Hoor may be found everything kept in an ordinary hardware store- locks, hinges, screws, nails, stoves, refrigerators, cutlery, etc. At the rear of the store is the tinning and plumbing departments. Here ten men are constantly employed. This kind of work is increasing" so rapidly that the flrm expect soon to have a still larger force. On the second floor is the mantel room. This is said to be the finest display room in Michigan. Everything is artistically arranged. Hanging lamps and chandeliers are suspended from the ceiling, while along the walls mantels are displayed. They range in price froin $20 to SI 50 apiece. Some are made of wood, some of imitation marble and some of tiles. No home ahould be without one of these beautif ui articles. Sewing machines of four makes - Domestie, White, New Home and Davis- are also ! displayed on the second floor. They are made a specialty with the iirm of" Schuh & Muehlig. By means of the club system purchasers are enabled to secure sewing machines very cheaply. During the past twelve years the firm has disposed of nearly 5,0a). The third Hoor of the large establishment is devoted to agricultura] implements, gasoline stoves, f urnaces, etc. The sale of furnaces is rapidly attaining large proportions. The Bolton, the Carbon and the Gilt Edge, all are favorites with those who own houses. They are warranted to give good service. Any person who is interested in hardware, or desires to see a good display, should certainly visit the store of Schuh & Muehlig. He is almost certain to become a purchaser, and even if he does not buy, he will have seen something which interests him.


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