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The proceedings of the commoncouncil last Monday evening were without exciting features, though not entirely devoid of interest or entertainment. Most of the time was consumed in discussing the resolution for a stone culvert under Felch-st. The question of sewerage did not come up. President Cooley called the meeting to order at 8:15. After roll-call, City Clerk Miller presented the estimates of the board of public works, the fire commissioners and the committee on lighting, which are as follows: BOAKD OF PUBLIC WOKKfl General street work $5,000.00 Cross-walks 2,000.00 Culverton Hill-st 350.00 Gradingon Hill-st, Main to Waehtenaw... 600.00 Grading on Fourteenth st 350.00 Culverton Kifth-st 350C0 Culvert on First-st 400.00 jladison-st, grading between Seventh and Ninth-sts 350 00 Culvert on Felch-st 400.00 Culvert on Summit st, and grading 550.00 Grading and purchasing point on Detroit and Beakes-sts 500.00 Grading and graveling Washtenawave... ÍO0.0O Grading and graveling on Wilmot st 150.00 Grading and graveling on Fuller-st from M. C. depot to bridge No. 3 200.00 Grading Broadway hill , 5W.00 Total 12,100.00 FIRE COMMISSIONER8. PalnriPRof flremen 1,975.00 1 OOOftJnse 750.00 li,„s.ld 850.00 H.rfeshoeing 4O.fO Washingand bedding 100.00 Slore and repairs 45.00 Fuel 90.00 Oil 25.00 Floor in apparatusand sleeping room 147.96 Hose tower 200.00 General repairs 225.00 Overdraft Feb. 1 1,800.00 Total 8,747.% The lighting committee submitted an estímate of 88,000 for the coming year, as o aai net $7,408.19 ast year. These eonamunJcatlons were all referred to their proper committees. The clerk then read a petition Mgned by Mes-srp. Howlett, Collins, Lukins, Buits, S. E. Smith and others, praying that Clark-st be continued throngh from Ann to Catherine. It was referred to the committee on streets. Alderman Herz oíFered a resolution that the Thomsoii-Houston j electric liaht company be notifled that their contract with the city would expire Jannary 1, next. Carried. Alderman Fillimore now opened the ball with a resolution ordering the construction of a stone culvert over the mili race, on Felch-st, according to Dlans submitted by the board of public works. This was amended by Alderman Mann so as to read "wood culvert" instead of "stone." Alderman Wines - "The third ward must be treated fairly, it should have a chance to inprove. We must get however, not what seeins best to n, but what wül meet the approval of the mayor. Now, the mayor is certain to veto a bilí for a sione culvert on Felchst. He must do it to be consistent. Let us, then, recommend the building of a cnlvert that will enta.l less expense than the on e provided for in the resolution. I think a cu'.vert of some kind should be built, in spite of thefact that there is a deficit. The deficit can't be all worked off in one year." He then offered an amendment to the amendment, that the board be instructed to build a culvert four rods long, with side walls of stone and roadway of timber and heavy planks. Aid Mann withdrew his amendment, and a long discussion followed, on the relative merits of stone and wood culverts. Finally, Aid. Mann moved that the amended resolution be laid over until the next meeting. This was carried by a vote, as follows: Yeae - Alderman Mann, Wines, Martin, Taylor, Kitson, President Cooley. Nays- Alderman Herz,Allmendinger, Fillmore, O'Hearn, Ferguson, Kehberg. The amendment was then put and lost, Aldermen Mann, Wines, Taylor, Kitson and Cooley votingin the aflirmative, and Aldermen Herz, Martin, Allmendinger, Fillmore, O'Hearn, Ferguson and Eehburg in the negative. The original resolution then came up. Alderman Taylor - "We have already sustained the mayor's veto of a bilí which embodied practically the same feature as this. It looks to me like an inconsistency to pass this now." Alderman Mann - "It should have a two-thirds vote." He then entered an objection to the resolution. A vote was taken, which proved a tie, and the objection was sustained. Alderman Mann offered a resolution that when the council adjourned it should adjourn until September 28, at 8:00 p. m. City Attorney Norria having spoken in favor of the resolution, Aldderman Herzraised a laugh, exclaiming, "Of course, Mr. Norris, he gets pay for his time. We don't." Themotionwas lost. Alderman Wines moved a resolution that the council deern advisable the laying-out of a street on the lines of Fourth-ave, projectedsoutherly to Hillst, and that the council meet on Oct. 5, to consider the same. Carried. Another motion to adjourn having been put and lost, Alderman Mann offered the following: Whereas, there is already an overdraft of the city funds and but seven montas of the present fiscal year have expired, and Whereas, judging from the expenditures after September 1, of last year, We shall have overdrawn our city funds to the extent of ; over $21,000, unleas ttrict economy is practiced, therefore Resolved, that the board of public works and the street commissioners be ?nd are hereby requested to defer such improvement8 and street work which, from their nature, are not absolutely necessary. Alderman Martin - "The resolution 's outrageous. It is an insult." In explanation, Treasurer Beakes read a statement, showing large overdraft8 in different city funds. President Cooley asked for information, say'ng that a few months ago the funds had been reported as being in exceptionally good shape. City Clerk Miller thereupon explained that heavy drafts bad been made recently, especially for street improyements. The reaolution Was then carried unanimously. It had done its work.


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