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President Rogers At Evanston

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The work of President Heniy Wade Rogers at Northwestern University is attracting much comment. As might have been expected from his connection with the law department of the University of Michigan, the Northwestern TJnivereity law school (Union College of Law) was the first department to teceive his attention. The firsl step was to secure the services of Henry M. Blodgett,judgeof the United States district court for the northern district of Illinois, as dean and lecturer on the law of admiralty. The work of the Bchool, which was formerly carried on alruost exclusively by recitation, will now include lectures, text-books and the study of cases - in other words, those methods will be followed which have given to the law departmeut of the University of Michigan its present high standing. Practice courts have been organized, and students are required to do regular work in the library. A gradúate course has been established, which will include lectures on couiparative constitutional law, the law of admiralty, public aniï private international law, the English law, medical jurisprudence, railway law, proceedinijs in rem, insurance, Roman law, patent law, the law of waters, trade marks and copyrights, and interstate commerce. Work is also done by gradúate students in Austin's Jurisprudence, High's Extraordinary Legal Remedies and Cooley's Constitutional Limitations. The lec'.ures on comparative constitutional law are delivered by President Rogers. and those on proceedings in rem,by Hon.Rufus Waples, of Ann Arbor. The lecturers include many of the distinguished men of the American bar. Amongthem may be found Walter Q. Gresham, judge of the United States circuit court for the seventh circuit; John M. Harían, justice of the supreme court of the United States; Romanzo Bunn, judge of the United States district court at Madison, Wis.; Simeón P. Shape, one of the judges of the supreme court of Illinois; Samuel Maxwell, a judge of the supreme court of Nebraska. Seymour D. Thompson, of the court of appeals at St. Louis, Mo.; Byron K. Elliott, chief justice of the supreme court of Indiana; and Melvüle M. Bigelow, of the Boston law school, who has delivered several courses of lectures in this city. The faculty of the school is composed of Dean Henry M.Blodgett.Henry Booth, Harvey B. Hurd, Marshal D. Ewell, William W. Farweli and Nathan S. Davis. When President Rogers went to Evanston, the professional departments were loosely connected with the University proper. They were located in Chicago, and did not even bear the name of Northwestern University. One of Dr. Rogers' flrst acts as executive was to bring the departments nearer together and have then bear a common name. Thus, the Union College of Law is now called the Law Department of Northwestern University. The attendance of the law department last year was 154, which, while small as compared with that of the U. of M., is still a good showing and speaks well for Dr. Rogers' work in his new field. With the increased facilities for instruction, a much larger nuinber is expeced this year.


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