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The following paper, signed by many business flrms in Ann Arbor, shows plainly how the people of the city teel respecting our county fair, and sufficiently explains itself without any extra words: We, the undersigned business men of the city of Ann Arbor, hereby agree .to close our respective places of business on Friday, the second day of October next, at 12 o'clonk noon and keep them closed until four o'clock, p. m., of that day, for the pnrpose of giving ourselvea and employés an opportunity to attend the Washtenaw Agricultural Society's Annual Fair. Dean & Co. John Goetz, Jr. Edward Duffy Anton Teufel Mack & Schmid Hutzel & Co. Goodyear & St. James W. F. Stimson Schairer & Millen C. A. Maynard E. F. Mills & Co. Henry Murphy Bach, Abel & Co. D. R. Barney J. T. Jacobs 4 Co. Warner & Son A. L. Noble J. W. Maynard Wadh&ms, Kennedy & Wm. H. Mclntyre Reule S. & J. Baumgartner Wagner & Co. J. D. Stimson & Sons J. M. Stafford Fred C. Stimson The Two Sams, L. Blitz Brown & Cady W. G. Burchfield Sehuh Si Muehlig Voorheis & Dietas Grossman & Schïenker George L. Moore B. F. Schuhmacher George Wahr J. E. Harkius Sheehan & Co. L. Gruner Chas. Speller & Co. Adam D. Seyler R. E. Jolly & Co. Beal & Pond F. Stofflet Caspar Rinsey F. J. Schleede J. S. Mann Mann Bros. William Salyer Eberbaeh & Son Rinsey & Seabolt John Moore W. D. Adems H. J. Brown Bailey & Dow J. J, Goodyear, with Michael Staebler ception of Wagner & Biermann tion clerk Koch & Henne E. E. Calkins, with Martin Haller ception of W. G. Dieterle tion clerk Goodspeed & Sons Ann Arbor Courier, J. C. Eberbaeh E. Beal F. G. Schleicher & Co. Ann Arbor Argus J. Henne & Co. S. A. Moran Walker & Co. I.ouis Liesemer John Pfisterer T. C. Linsenmann J. A Marshall Emma E. Bower Samuel Krause Mrs. Mabel Pond Fred Gauss D. J. Mallory Fred Theurer Doty ü Feiner M. Blgalke John W. Bisele J. Haller Overbeck fc Staebler Steffey & Serviss laund'y John Fiunegan Wm. Reinhart & Co. Vurster& Kirn Wm. Arnold J. R. Bowdish & Co. J. C. & W. W. Watïs William Allaby & Son JohD Burg SteftV y & Serviss P. O. News Depot. C. K. McGee. for Cresceut Clasp Works.


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