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Leo Kopf Is Better

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Leo Kopf, the lad who was hurt last Sunday in a scrimmage with Jack Butler, was much better yesterday morning. All that Leo's friends know about the aflfair 8 Lhat he went over to Hangsterfer's Sunday noon to order some ice cream for the store on Huron-st. Here he got into some difficulty with Butler, during wliich the latter hit him in the face. Leo is but 20 years oíd, and very light. He is what physicians cali a "tace bleeder," and the blow immediately caused a violent flow of blood frotn the nose. He carne home in this condition. Medical attendance was summoned.and his nostrils wadded with cotton drawn into his throat. He continued to bleed freely until Tuesday night, when a change for the better took place. During this time he has not been able to give any account of the fracas, for any movement of thejaws would cause a renewal of the discharge. There is no evidence from the appearance of the face that young Kopf was struck by anything but Butler's flat. To any one else, pernaps, the blow would not have been serious; to young Kopf, it proved almost fatal. Butler is in Dr. Morton is attendine Kopf. The Wall-st bridge across the river has been completely repaired by the street commissioner. New beams have been set and new flooring has been laid. It was found that the bridge was in very dangerous condition.


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