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The forty-third annual fair of the Washtenavv county agricultural and horticultural society gives promise of being the best ever held here. The live stock entries, wbich closed Tuesday, are larger than they have been in the history of the society, so that this year there will be doublé the number of i-tal8 that there were last. The entries for the races closed Monday eveninu. Aniong them niay be found such wellknown names as Little Joker, Garfield, Nellie T, Albert Wilkes, Silver Star, Dick H, Texas Jim, Fred W. Gee Whiz, and mnny others. The races are as follows : WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30. PL'RSE. Pony Race t 7 50 Foals, 1890 . 25 00 3-minute class. trotting 25 00 2:30elass, trotting 200 00 THCRSDAY, OCTORER 1. PURSE' Saddle horses 8 7 00 Family horses 7 50 Family horses 7 50 Foals, 18!8 - 25 00 Foals, 1887 25 00 2:30 class, pacing 200 00 friday,cctober2. PURSE. Foals of 1889 ï 25 00 2:50 trottint; and pacing 200 00 Free forall trotting and pacing 200 00 President Palmer, of the World's Fair Commission, and Gov. Winans will both speak Thursday afternoon. The balloon ascensión and parachute drop will take place every afternoon except the flrst.


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