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Eed currants were gathered in Saline last week. The depot grounds at Chelsea are being sodded. Germán workingmen in Saline will picnic today. The Dexter schools teach both French and Germán. There will be a harvest home festival at Saline tomorrow. Ypsilanti hasdiscarded the yard arms on electric light poles.. Horace Case has been appointed deputy marshal in Manchester. J. Crossman, of Brighton, is the new proprietor of the Hamburg hotel. A South Lyon man pealed sixty bushels of apples in less tl:an ten hours. The machinery for the new creamery in Ypsilanti has 'been placed in position. There were 2,00G entries at the Ypsilanti fair this year, as against 1.07') in 1890. Bad boys in Mooreville were arrested last week for disturbing a religious meeting. Smith & Hulbert, of Manchester, shipped 34,000 pounds of wool to BoEton last week. B. F. Rubert, of Howell, has invested 175 good legal tender dollars in a bird dog. Omar Mom, of Dexter, has sold nis trotting stallion to Jackson parties for $1,000. ACalifornia string bean, twenty-eight inches long, was raised in a Chelsea garden. There are nine churches in the township of Augusta and three others on the town line. Supervisor Burtless sold 1,000 bushels of wheat in one lurnp to H. W. Holt, last week. Abraham Walker, of Northüeld, died last week of dysentery. He was seventy-seven years old. E. R. Smith, of Clinton, is mentioned as a member of the new board for the Industrial Home. Dexter has a remarkable family. The combined length of the five members is over 30} feet. Jacob Lutz, of Saline, has secured a position in the store of Goodspeed & Sons, of this city. The bill against 'Washtenaw county for the care of its insane duriug the past quarter was $148.46. An association hasbeen formed in Dexter for the purpose of building a vault in the village cemetery. The seeond floor in a Dexter store is so rotten that a heavily loaded counter uearly broke through the other day. Henry Teeman, a Pittífield boy, aged Beventeen, was thrown out of a waeon. His leg was broken in two places. Peter Weinett, of Saline, has secured a patent on anew ironfence post, which he thinks will excel anytbing previously made. Nettie Leininger, oí Saline, was sent to Detroit last week for being intoxicated. She appeared before an Ann Arbor justice a few weeks ago. It is reported that Burnett Steinbach threshed six and one-fourth bushels of clover seed in twenty minutes, one day this week.- Chelsea Standard. Three adjoining dwellings on Anu Arbor street are occupied and owned by octogenarians. These men have each done their share in helping to beHUtify this country and rnake our viliage to rank among tiie prettiest in the state. If the active men of today will manifest an equal interest with the founders of our town, the result would be the most desirable residence village in the nate. -Dexter Leader. Geo. P. Paxson, on the Swamp road bas just threshed 79J acres of Clauson wheat, yielding 1172 bushels by measure and 1270 bushels by weight, makiiiK an average yield of 42:J bushels per acre. Mr. Paxson thinks there were acres in his field which have yielded 511 bushels io the acre. AIbo threshed 10 acres of oats yielding S80 bushels, averiging 55 bushels to the acre.- Dundee Eeporter. There is a mysterious looking worm tbat trimmedthe leavesfrom one of the largest tracts of white oak timber in thil vicinity. These worms made their first appearance last season, in the timber, and did just enough work to attract notice; but this year the pest has showed up in a marnier that hasaroused fears for the safety of the white oak timber, as the army of worms prey npon its foliage exclusively. - Livingston Herald. Jacob Heselschwerdt and Jacob Kern8, of Sylvan, willprohably uot race horses any more. Last Tuesday evening, whiíe endeavoring to see which had the bent horse, their buggies becameintermingledthrowingeverythine in a beap. One wheel was taken off the bufgy of Kerns, two from the buggy ol Heselschwerdt. Kerns escaped with but a scare but Heselsrhwerdt went into the ditch resultiug in a lislocated elbow.- Chelsea Standard. Continued poor health compels Judge Cooley of Aun Arbor lo re6Ígn his posiúon as a member of the Inter-State Commerce Cominission, and practically retire from active Ufe. Judge Cooley has never b5en a strong man physieally, but as a profound jurint and elementary writer ou law, he has won a. oosition second to no man living. We had hoped to see hiia occupy a Beat upon the supreme benen. In our jud.ment no abler man ever sat there. As tutor and friend we had learned to love hirn liefore he had won his world wide fame.- South Lyon Picket. List Saturday, the heart of Mrs. J. Webster Childs was made glad by a party of old friends who banded together and gave her a complete surprise, it beini; the occasion of her sixtyeixth birthday. When the elegant repast furnished by the ladies had been irranged in a tempting manner, Mrs. CnilJs waB invited out to the aining room, when to her amazement she found herself seated at a table furnished wlth an elegant set of china, whieb her friends informed herwas her own property. After dinner interesting talks were in order by Messrs. Wm. and Andrew Campbell ánd others. A delightfnl day was enjoyed and these frienda dispersed feeling tbat it was a day long to be remembered by all. - Ypsilanti Commercial. Milán. A. Ball is seriously i'.l with typhoi'l fever. The ladies of the Baptist church will hold their annual lair the latter part of next week. Mrs. Blinn leaves for Deerfield, this week, where she expects to spend the winter with friends. Lena and Lester go with her. Mrt. Víctor Hanson will return to her homs at Kichmond, Virginia, this week. She has been visitine friends in Milán and vicinity for a number of weeks. G. W. Chaptnan, who is home frorn Monrovia, África, wi!l hold aMonrovian missionary meeting at tie rink Wi-dnesday evening. Mr. Chapman will soon return to África. Webster. The echool inspectora met last week. Reuben Queal is quite seriously sick. A C. Litson and wife were in town last week. Mr. Allen, of Ann Arbor, is the guest of Will Alexander. R. Henry Scadin has gonetoBenzonia to assist Fred Waters in photoeraphy. Oneof Webster's old and much respect ed citizens, John Kenny, died very suddenly Thursday, on the Street, ashe was returning from bis work. Apoplexy was the cause of his death. The funeral was held Sunday morning at the Coneregational chturch. His daughter, Mrs. Warren Waldron, of Nebraska, was present. The deceased leaves a wife and five sons and daughters. He came to Michigan in 1830, at the age of eight years, with his father, and has resided here ever since. Iilina. Lima has three mails a week now. Ed Spaalding harvested 2,500 bushei:! of onions from five acres. J. E. Cooley started Tuesday for Geneva, N. Y., to viisit relatives. Mrs. H. A. Wilson went to Oo3so last Baturday to vidt her parents. The P. of I. lodge will hold another meeting Thursday evening, October 1, at the town hall. W. H. Dancer, who has been very sirk with an abscessin the throat which runs in three places on the inside, is some better. J. N. Merchant, our Jerusalem miller, will add two set of rolls and other macliinery next month. The milis are doing "a custom work of about fifty barrels of wheat a day, besides feed. Salein. F. G. Terrell, wife and son are visiting at Big Rapids. Ralph Scott feil last Saturday and fractured liis collar bone. Benj. Atchison is visitiag his sister, Mrs. Fred Call; at Petoskey. Floyd Smith has left for Ann Arbor to take a high school couise. Kev. Shear bas been elected successor to Kev. Bird by the Methodist conference. Chas. Wriglit, with Wright, Kay & Co., jewelers, Detroit, is spending a few daya with Dr. Tweedale. An assistant to Station Agent W. C. Van Lotoa arnved Tuesday. Mother and boy aredoiug well. A peacb social, held last Thursday by the Baptists at the residence of Mrs. Ham, was well patronized. E. V. Chilson, associate editor of the "State Kepublican," Lansing, was in towu last Tuesday on business. Miss Florence Tweedale leaves on Friday for San Francisco, Cal., where phe will spend the winter season. Dr. Carrow, of Ann Arbor, gave Dr. Tweedale a íriendly cali last Saturday, while passing through the village. Chas. McLacblin bas sold out bis blacksmithiiiK interest to Haywood & Sons. Charlie balksof going west. His niany iriends will miss him in case he so decides. H.B. Thayer, superintendent of the Congregational Saniiay school, gavetbe children their annual picnic at bis place last Thursday. The scholais thoroughly enjoyed themselves. C. S. Lucas, of Central City, Neb., who recently disponed of a car load oí western horses in Ann Arbor, Salem, etc, will return to Salem in two or three weeks with twu car loads of superior bred western horses, which will no doubt meet with a ready sale, the ioriaer ones having given good satisfactiun to the buyers. Wlillmorc I.nke. Rev. Jenniugs is attending conference at Detroit. M iss Mabel Stiles is visitin her grandlather, Mr. Worden Sulea, near Fowlerville. Major Wm, Stevens and faruily, of Ann Arbor, visited at W. B. Eme'.-, last S.iturday. Mr. Baxter, of Detroit, will spend Sunday with bis i'amily at the Clifton House as usual. Prof. Lumbird and daughter Lillian played four nights last week at the Fuwlerville fair dances. F. M. Dodge arrived home frora Laingsburg last week Tuesday. Mrs. Dodge will return later. Will fr.neL'leberg ia laying off hi threahing - for the fall seeding. He will tackle beans next. F. M. Suiith, manager and basso of the lakeband, played fur the Maic.ibee dance at Hamburg last Friilay. Frank W. Rane, who recently L'raduated with honor from the Ohio Srate Uuiversity, will finish up by aliendiug Cornell. Frank Otto will open a barber shop here s.ion, having DOOght out Johnuiti Slit-il'er's outfit at Hamburg. This will be apj reciated by many of our citizens. The woods in thirt vicinity are being denuded ot Uieir toliage by the worms, but tlie lateness of the seasou wil] prevent, no doubt, any more beiious datnaice. Micbnel YValsh, who works in the ice house here, received a painful but not ilanjjerous wound from a fpike whkli hit liis foot irmtead of the ice he was spearingat. Johnnie Butterfleld took a lieader while riding his wheel aml racing with his fatber's fast horse. It braised lus face quite badly, but be would not inind that if the machine had not been broken. Mr. Weber had a colt killed by the cars on the Toledo road last week. It was valued at $90. Tne road runs throui{h bis place and lie juinped the ' gate and got in the way. Slmiy Crcck. Geo. Broot, of Detroit, visited in this place lately. A. B. Hopson entertained a sister from Detroit last Sunday. Miss Hattie Jacobs, of Milan, is teaching the school in district No. 1. Samuel H. Conde was re-elected director in district Ko. 1, by ■ Urge majority. Farmers in this vicinity are cutting tlifir corn. The erop is very heavy in these parta. The funeral services over a child of Mr. and Mrs. Weeland, occurred at the cemetery Sunday, Rev. Mr. Britton officiating. Oak-finished road wagons are all the go now in Btony Creek. Every one who úrives a fine rig must have one in order to be i 11 line. Dr. Wm. Calhoun, who has a dentist office at Milan, ia verysick witn rheumatisin. Fora while hia life was quite despaired of. At last reporta he was convalescing. C'lkvlNea. M. Freer is suffering from sciatic rheumatism. Farmers are busy seeding, also cutting corn. Geo. Mitchell, of Lima, runs his evaporator day and night. R. Kempf left last week for Texas to oversee bis land tract. ' Mr. Strong has moved into M. J. Lehnian'd house on Summit-st, Rev. J. H. Mclntoah attended the conference in Dytroit last week. Mesdames Glazier, Welch and Stimeon visited friends in Parma last week. Miss Mae Wood left last week for Albion, where she pursues a musical course. J. E. Evans is reported to have raised a California string bean twenty-eight incbes in length. The Y. P. S. C. E. of the Congregational chuich served a supper last Frid;iy and cleared about $15. The Ladies' Foreign Missionary Society of the Conyregational church liel.l annual tliank-offering meeting Sunday evening. The program was interesting. Collection was S16. The Michigan Centra! people nre urading and sodding the ground adjoining the depot. A little later they wiü set out flower beds. TheC. L S. C. will meet with Mrs. M. G. Hill on Friday evening, Sept. 26. A fnll attendance is requested.asitis election of oflicers.


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