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Our Ypsilanti Rambler

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Our folks are getüng dreadfully ïvoiked up over the Wholesale slaughter of song-birds. VVhy, our blood-thirsty little hunters make no distinction whatever. Every bird is a sparrow wliether itisor not. Are we to have nothing but crows and blue jays to make .spring poetryabout? Fates forfend! Let'sturn about and shoot oif smaü boys for awhile. We have a superintendent in our schools who tendá to business and keeps his eagle eye (or ey es, as he has two) open for truantsandin a twinkling of Baid eye.or eyes, he has them aboard the educational ship doing duty in the latest approved methods. We ere glad to see that the sale of season tickets for the Y. M. C. A. lecture COttMe was so well attended last Saturday. Tlie course is a brief one but exceedingly well made up. Auiong the wanderers just retnrning home, we see the Cornwella ani Miss Lynn Deubel back from Martha's Vineyard, and Miss Georgia Amsden from Topeka, Kansas.


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