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CITY COTICES. ice CreAm. Vanilla, chocolate, corlee, pistaehio Mrawberry, macíiruon,tutifruitti,bipque nonquat. All Sunday orders should h pciven the day previons. tí E. V. Hangsterper. J. F. Schub han gold over 250 White and Domestie sewing [nachines since February Ist. This is the largest numIipi- of machines ever sold D this countv in tbe same time by one firm. The riftbt machine ata fair price does the büsintse. Chíldren Cryfor Pitcher's Castoria. It will be wortti tlie price of admisyion lo se the eewing machine exhibit of J. F. Scbuh. The work is done oa the White sewing machine. 100 second-hand coal Btoves cheapat Schuh & Muehüg's. Childreri Cryfor Pitcher's Castoria. WouW you ever lelieve that di he-. could be washed ly machine? We have a machine that will trash, rinse and dry the dishee of a family oí 20, in five Diinute, ainl it will do it better than von can do it by hand. Cali and 8ee it. Schuh & Muehlig. ices. Orange. lf-mon, strawr erry, raspberry, pine apple, Roman punch. tl E. V. Hanosterfeh. Ice cream and Ices served to families in 1,2, 3 or 4qt. brick. Hangsterfer. tf Children Cryfor Pitcher's Castoria.c When you cora í to tne fair you should not fViil to visit the fir-t. second and third floors of Schuh & Mueliliy's hardware store. It is well worih your tin e wbether you wish to buy or not.


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