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Burned To Death

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Ciiïcaoo, Sopt 19. A fire at Xos. 549 and 651 8edgriek strectatl o'clock a. m. caused the death of six persons, all of whom wcre smotherod in their beds by the cíense smoke that filled the burning structure. The fire ran its coursc in less than an hour, but the fatalities roeulting exceed by far the list of victims by any fire in Chicago this year. Those who lost thcir lives were: John Schalk, aged 45; Mrs. Schalk, aged 42: four Schalk ehüdren, two boys and two girls, aged 8, 12, 15 and 17 years respectively. The lire originatcd in the rear of the first floor, which was occupied by William Keafitz as a bakery. It is thoughi to have canght from one of the bake ovens. It spread to a shed in the rear in which was a quantity of hay anc straw. From this it ran up the rear stairway and into the sleeping rooms o] the people on the second and thirc floors. The front rooms on the seeonc floor were occupied by John Rondo, his wifc and two children, all of whom escaped without in jury. The rear was occupied by Mr. Keafitz, the owner oi the bakery, and two bakers, Rugenstein and Rosefeld. The Schalk anc Burns families occupied the rear of the third floor. The ether inmates of the building barely escaped with their lives. None of them had time to look after their money and jewelry and wero able only to seizc a few articles of clothing. One of Mr. Burns' roomers got his clothing, but lost all of it except a pair of shoes bcfore he reachecl the street. The homeless people found shelter in the homes of neighbors. The loss on the building is not over 82,000 and on stock and furnituro nol over 31,000; fully covered by insurance as to building and stock, but a total loss on furniture. Chicago, Nept. 81. - In the death o) 18-year-old CyDthla Schalk at the German hospital earlv öaturday morning another victim was addod to the Sed'ffwick street fire, making the entire extinctipn of the Schalk family of six members.


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