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A. D. Seyler was in Detroit Tuesday. J. R. Breakey spent Sunday in Marshall. Tbo Miases Wilsey spent Sunday in Milán. Theodore Reyer spent Sunday in Detroit. E. E. Barney returned from Vermont Sunday. A. L. Xoble returned on Friday from the east. Dr. J. C. Wood has been in Saginaw this week. John Moore returned Mondny from Port Hurón. Miss Maggie Harkins is visiting at Port Hurón. Ralph Pinckney is visiting his parents in Hamburg. Will S. Cheever returns tomorrow from Chicago. Mrs. J. C. Knowlton has returned from the east. Miss Augusta James left Monday for Indianapolis. . A. W. Gasser returned Monday from Spalding, Ohio. Professor M. L. D'Ooge was in Jaokson over Sunday. Ross Whitmau has been visiting friends in Allegan. Mrs L. H. Clement has been visiting friends in Detroit. Mr. and Mrs. J. Rice Miner returned to Chicago Monday. Mrs. G. W. Hill, of Detroit, is visiting Mrs. N. W. Cheever. . Mrs. George Ottley is visiting her parents in Bay City. Rev. 1. H. IJust and family left yesterday for Cincinnati. The Good Templare give a concert next Monday evening. Dr. C. Howell, of Alpena, spent Sunday with his family in this city. Mrs. W. W. Saunders has been visiting her son in Grand Rapids. Prof. I. N. Demmon and family have returned from Charlevoix. Mrs. B. F. Brisco, of Detroit, has been visiting Mrs. C. A. Muma. Miss Katie Stolz, of Saginaw, bas been visiting Miss Christine Krause. Miss Blanche Sprague, of Chicago, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. F. Stofflet. Miss Eva Poster, of 49 East Libertyst, is in New York City this week. E. W. MacPherran, now practicing law in Marquette, was in the city Monday. Mrs. Daniel Hiscock left for Chicago, yesterday, to visit her daughter, Mrs. J. J. Reed. Rev. W. P. Wastell and wife were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Polhemus last week. Arthur Mummery left Tuesday for Detroit, where he will take charge of a drug store. Mr. and Mrs.George Hughes, of South Lyon, have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Warner. Mac Le Beau, state agent of the National Life Insurance Company, was in town Tuesday. Mrs. C. D. Bates and Mrs. E. Doty, of Chicago, have been visiting their sister, Mrs. H. P. Findley. A reception will be tendered Rev. J. M. Gelston at the Presbyterian church parlors this evening. Mrs. G. W. Miley leaves this week for a month's visit with her sister, Mrs. Hagadorn, in Muncie, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Cutting, who have been visiting their son, J. H. Cutting, returned to New Hampshire, Tuesday. Mrs. A. M. Fall, who has been visiting her sons, D. C. and C. S. Fall, returned to Albion the latter part of last week. Mrs. Stiling and daughter, Miss Georgia, of Detroit, who spent several days with Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Nickels, have returned. Mrs. Mary Davison, of Elizabeth-st, celebrated her eighty-fourth birthday last week, Wednesday. A number of her friends were present. Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Gaige, who have been spending the summer at Concord, have returned to the city, and are visiting Mrs. Anna Hamilton. Miss Carrie Norton, during the past year a teacher in Traverse City, will enter college this fall, and make her home with Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Barney. Postmaster G. R. Kent, of Scipioville, Cayuga county, N. Y., was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. Treadwell over Sunday. Mr. Kent says that he never saw a town that has changed so niuch as Ann Arbor has during the past six years. A. H. McKee, of Washington, a gradúate of the literaryand law departments, has been in the city for a fevv days. He is one of the editors of the Washington Sentinel. .Mrs. J. Edwards, who spent several days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Volz, has returned to her home in Baltimore. This is her first visifc in Ann Arbor for seven years. L. P. Hall, E. B. Hall, S. W. Clarkson and W. H. Campbell went fishing Monday and Tuesday on the Half Moon lake, near Unadilla. The tish they caught, and the stories they teil, are both big. Charles E. Jewell, superintendent of the wood-working department of the A. W. Stevens & Son threshing machine factory, at Auburn, N. Y., and one of the aldermen of that city, visited his father, Mr. O. P. Jewell, this week. On Thursday afternoon Miss Libbie Wahr, daughter of Mrs. A. M. Wahr, and William A. Gwinner, were united in marriage by Rev. John Neumann, at the residence of the bride's mother. In the evening, after listening to a fine serenade by the Gesang Verein Lyra, Ann Arbor Guitar and Banjo club, and Otto's band, the newly married couple took the evening train for the east.


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