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Mexico has no shoe faetones. More people born in Vermont reside out of the state than in it. Japan has built its first factory for the manufacture of woolen goods. ín Bulgaria only 7 i per cent. of the population can read and write. In forty years the run across the Atlantic has been reduced one-half. Fifty one dollar bilis are said to weigh as much as a twenty dollar gold piece. One of the commercial novelties of the Maine coast is a floating jewelry store. Some parcela of land owned by the crown on Pall Mali, London, are held at a valuation of $2,500,000 an acre. lt is estimated that each year in New York city 3,000 women find themselves stranded, not only homeless, penniless and without work, but unable to work. The social magnificence of a state ball at St. Petersburg is such that on one occasion the guests numbered 3,000, yet there was nb crowding, and every arrangement was perfect. The state of New York supports seven schools for deaf mutes, in which there are about 1,300 pupils. These schools hav graduated many thousands, and most of them are doing well. Canada only lacks 237,000 square miles to be as large as the whole continent of Europe; it is nearly thirty times as large as Ureat Britain and Ireland, and is 500,000 square miles larger than the United States. There is an immense garden in China that embraces an area of 50,000 square miles, lt is all meadow land and is filled with lakes, ponds and canals. Altogotlier it is as large as the States of New Vork and Pennsylvania combined. lt is estimated that the treasure lying ulle in India in the shape of hoards or ornamente amount to L350,000,000 sterling. A competent authority calcnlates that 'in Amritsar city alone there are jewels to the value of L2,000,000 sterling. " _____


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