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Ibis issue of The Begister, although u is five times its usual size, is issued very nearly on time, the small delay be:ng wholly due to an accident at the ter worksyesterday afternoon, which incapacitated our motor lor about five hours, consequently stopping our preeses. William Canna, Monday.drunk, fined. James S. Brokaw has an original pen;iOD. A. A. Terry will remove to Detroit Eoon. C. H. Easton has gone into the store ofBach & Abel. _ E A. Kent will build a new house at :he 'end of Wall-st. Ground was broken yesterday for the new St. Thomas' hall. Robert Winslow has commenced a new residence on Wall-st. E. A. Shaw has broken gtound for a $4,500 house on Olivia-ave. The Sigma Phi fraternity house is being re-carpeted and re-furnished. Earl Ware has sold his new cottage on Broadway to N. S. Garlinghouse. Ed. Guiñan has aocepted a position with J. W. Goddard & Co., New York. Prof. and Mra. E. A. Lyman have moved into the house at 9 Lawrence-st. Ex-Alderman Frank Ortmann, of the Tifth ward, has been quite seriously 111. H. W. Adams, brother of W. D. Adams, has rented No. 11 South Fifth-ave. John Harrow.ofPittsfleld, lost alarge amount of straw by fire last Thursday. Miss EmmaStanger leaves next week to take charge of a school in South Bend. Up to Monday morning Treasurer Gruner had received $1,176.50 in tuition money. __ A two-story frame addition to the old Catholic school building is being erected. . Philip Blum brought suit Tuesday against John Smith for trespass. Chickens. In one of the grocery stores is displayed a jar of pears which were picked 16 years ago. Eev. J. M. Lynn, of Genesee, 111., will take charge of Sackett Hall during the ensuing year. James Hitchcock and family, of Harrisville, N. Y., have rented a house and moved to Ann Arbor. Daniel Moore died on Thursday last at his home on Ingalls-st. His remains were taken to Saginaw. Rev. Camden M. Coburn, the new Methodist pastor, preaches next Sunday, morning and evening. Several members of the Ann Arbor lodge of Good Templara vieited the Chelsea lodge Tuesday night. Dr. O. L. Sutherland, of Three Oaks, has been appointed house surgeon for the new homceopathie hospital. Mrs. ST. P. Harris, of Ohio, has rented the house of Mrs. A. L. Behr on the corner of Fourth-ave and William-st. Eight Eminent Grand Commander E. C. Smith, of Pontiac, will visit the Ann Arbor Knights Templar, October 19. Another colored young man, by the name of Isador Blair, has entered the law department. He is from Baltimore. George Vanderwalker has purchased a lot in the Hall addition whereon he proposes soon to erect an $1,800 residence. Charles Fox was arrested Tuesday on complaint of Hattie Forbes, charged with breaking aflower pot in the Washtenaw house. Frank A. Latson, the American Express rnessenger, has gone to Jackson, where he has a positi on as fireman on the Michigan CentralChristian Mack, Philip Bach, Eli Moore and John Swift went to Detroit yesterday to serve as jurors in the famous Henning case. The Crescent Clasp and Corset Company has filed articles of association. The capital stock is $10,000, the shares being fixed at $10 each. Mrs. Clara Toms, one of the most famous pianists living, will probably give a concert in this city some time dnring the month of October. F. H. McCormick has been appointed operator at the branch office of the Postal Union Telegraph-Cable Company, vice George S. Sweet resigned. Paul G. Suekey sent a number of his Ann Arbor friends a "Grnss aus Heidelberg" the other day. Mr. Suekey isa gradúate of that famous institution. Samuel Dett, of Volland-st, is charged with casting aspersions upon Augustus Fellows. The matter will be investigated, today, in Justice Pond's court. C. H. Millen and G. H. Pond have been appointed delegates to the nalional convention of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew, which meets in St. Louis the latter part of October. Louis Rohde, whose horse, it will be remembered, was struck by a live wire a few days ago, has brought suit against the Postal Union Telegraph and Cable Company for $50 damages. The executive committee of the Woman's League requests that those having rooms to rent send a description of them, with price, to Mies May Muma, E. Huron-st, opposite Thirteenth, Ann Arbor. The electric street railway will soon issue transfer tickets from on line to the other, free of charge. Miss Jennie M. Shadford and Miss Mollie E. Coreon have purchased the millinery stock of Mrs. E. Roehm. E. A. Moseley, of Washington, secretary of the Inter-State Commerce Commission, called upon Judge T. M. Cooley, Saturday. Steven Jacobs, who resides near Hillst, lost a letter, Friday, containing a pension certifícate and a government draft for $72. The finder will confer a great favor upon a deserving man by returning the letter. Mrs. Elizabeth Hample and Mrs. Mary Archer, had a quarrel, the outgrowth of which was an assault and battery case, in which Mr?. Hample Cgured as complaining witness. The trial of the case was postponed till today. Capt. Manly was visited, Thursday evening, by Manager Graves, of the Soldier's Home, who made a formal demand for $300.50, state property, said to be in Mr. Manly's hands. The latter denied that he had this money and Mr. Graves returned to Grand Rapids. Messrs. W. D. Harriman and B. M. Thompson were in Lansing Tuesday to confer with the governor relative to the requisition from California for Wm. M. Beggs. Governor Winans has declined to grant it, for the reason that he deerns the grounds inBufficie)nt. Mr. Beggs, it will be remembered, was arrested two weeks ago, on a charge of obtaining money on false pretenses and was released through a babeas corpus. The suit of David Henning vs. the Michigan Central Railway Company has been occupying the attention of the United States Court at Detroit this week. The jury on Saturday visited the ground in question - the triangular piece between the depot, river and Detroit-st road. Many witnesses from Ann Arbor have been examined, most of whom have testified that the land has ! been considerably damaged on account I of the building of the bridge and embankment. The case is likely to drag j along for some time. A correspondent asks : "Is it not a fact that, according to the charter, the ; street railway was to extend its line south on State-st to Monroe, east on Monroe toTwelftli,thence to Hill and eas to intersect with present line on Washtenaw avenue; also, north on State-st to Huron and west on Huron to meet the line on Main-st; also north on Detroitst across the river to Cedar Bend avenue? If these lines are not built at once, would it not be wisefor the council to give another company a chance? Have we not waited about long enough ! for these needed and promised extensions? Messrs. Chas. L. Webster & Co., have position for two first-class agents for Stedman's "Library of American Literature." One agent cleared $85.30 in three hours' work. Give references, residence, and present employment. T. M. Williams, G7 Fifth-ave., New York.


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