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The September issue of the Eclcctic Magazine opens with a very appreciaüve article of the late Canadian statesrnan, Sir John Macdonald. Mrs. Lynn Linton's attack on women extremista entitled "The Wild Women Politicians," should also attract attention. - E. E. Pelton, Publisher, 144 Eighth Street, New York. The most timely and interesfing feature of the September nuinber of the New Entgland Magazine is a finely illustrated article on the late Edward Burgess and his Boats. The writer is A. G. McVey, tlie yachting editor of the Boston Herald, who was for sorne years an intímate friend of the fanious yacht designer and builder. - The New England Pub. Co., Boston, Mass. The Rights of Women, by Karl Heinzen, translation by Karl Schmemaim, Benjamin R. Tucker Publisher, Boston, Mass. This little book is an earnest plea for liberty in all things and especially in the case of woman. While one can most heartily admire the spirit of the book, one must yet dissent from many of the author's plans few remedying the evils he so plaiuly sets forth. The leading articles in the Overland Monthly for Oot ober it by Milicent lVa?hburn Shinn, on the bsw Leiand Stanford Jr. University. It is copiously illustrated from fine photos, and from drawings by Peixotto, and goes far towards answering the questions that are everywhere askedaboutthe grade, aims and scope, of the work of the new institutiou at its start. - Overland Publishing Co., San Francisco, Cai. In the handsomeSeptember Magazine of American Hislory the feature ol foremost interest is General Meredith Read's concluding chapter on "The Spartans of Paris," which is even more readable than the part ismed iast month. The personal sketches of wellknown men of letters are invested with life and color, a brilliant group indeed, and amongthe welcome portraits given are those of Owen Meredith, author of Lucille, and M. Jules Simon, whose Nouveaux Memoires just now attracts an admiring public. - Published at 743 Broadway, New York. 7he Ladiei' Home Journal is the best aulhority on everythingappertaining to women today, and its September number gives evidence that it is getting stronger with each issue. lts regular salaried editors now number sixteen, and include Rev. T. DeWitt Talmage, Maria Parloa, Margaret Bottome, president of "The King's Daughters;" Mrs. Isabel A. Mallon, undoubtedly the best fashion writer in America; Eben E. Rexford, Maude Haywood, Kate Tannatt Woods, Kate Upson Clarke, with Edward W. Bok as editor in-chief. - Curtís Publishing Company, Philadelphia, Pa.


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