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Orowliiir Oíd Uracefnlly. "What a lovely old lady," I heard a man remark at the opera, lately. -1She'8 quite as beantiful as any girl in the house. Such color and complexión is rarely seen in a woman past forty." Indeed, the woman of whom he spoke was lovely. Her face was clear and smooth, hercheeks, iresh and ropy, her eyes bright with perfect health and the enjoyment of life. She had paesed that critical "change of life' without falling into "the sere and yellow leaf," au most American women do. How had fche succeeded in doinir this? Wimply by using Dr. Pieree's Favorite Prescription at a time when nature stood in need of some assistance. She had taken it at the right time. In doing this she was wi6e. Wiserthan most women who 'trust to luck" in getting lliroiih the critical and tryinu period rafely. This standard remedy is just what is needed at 6iichatime. It is, f rom girlhood to oid age, woman's best friend. In all diseaseB peculiar to the .-ex, it accompliahes wiiat no other reruedy does - a cure. Take it, woiuan, when life's iiitunin beginp, and "grow oldgracefuüy." Your money back if it d'H'Mi't help you. Indisputable Evitfeuce. De Lolt- Where do jou intend t spend your vacation? De Pole - I am going toour milkman's dairy farm. There is the finest kind of Behing in that neighborhood. lluh! You don't take his word for it, do yon f" No, indeed, We'vefound youngtrout in his milk." "I don't likp the breath of that stove!" exclaimed little Ethel mie daj wben the Lras was Mcapinii froni the sittingroom BI Ove. Cokl-gM is ike the perfumes df Iiii:a,"' cnmpared with the breath c: h perfon afflicied with caiarrh, but amoiiK nmny otlier aymptoms the aense of gmell is often dfHileneiI. so the gufferer is uoconscioug of the offensivt nessoi his presence. Whyany olie wil] endure soch a paiiifu), darjiterou and offenaive diseae, when Dr. Snge'sCatarrh Kemidy- i o.-ting only 50 cents - wil) cure tlie :m SI Rtilbborn cuse, s one of the manv mysterits. The proprietors are so t'oniideiit of the succes of this Catarrh Remedy, that they oöer to forfeittfiOO for any case of catarrh they cannot cure. It would be suiciile for tlieir remedy, for tbem to make this off-r, unless tliey understood its exuct powers. Au Angel Ouly in iiiïbIi'. It is said that profanity among women is on the increase. lts a case of cause and effect. The ladies have taken to wearing collar buttons. HlchlKHll MiulllK Slllool. A State Srh'jol of' Mimi nu Engineering giving pmctical iiistrnctioii in Drawing, PhysicB, Mei'hanical uid Electrical Engineering, Shop-pructice, C'iieiuistrv, Assayinj;, Ore Dressing, Metallnrgy, Surveying,MÍDÍDg,Mineralogy,P)trograpby Ge logy, etc. Hu vommer schools in Surveying, Shoppractice and Field Geology, Laboratories, shups and Stamp Mili well equipped. Tuition free. For catalogue apply to the Director, Houghton, Michigan. 7(j WI1I Slie Remove the Carppt Tncka? A member of Sorosis, New York's famous women's society, has come out against high tariff, and favors the single tax. This is more practical than ohaaing the usual feniinine fad. Ü,


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