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The Catholic Fair

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The rink has been transformad into a veritable palace by the members of St. Thomas parish, who are striving by means of a fair, to raise money for the completion of the new hall. Many beautiful and valuable articles have been donated by members and friends of the church, a list of which, if published, would fill an ordinary newa paper column. A number of outsiders as well as merchants have contributed liberally, The committee on arrangements, to whom the success of the fair is largely due, consists of David Rinsey, Martin M. Seabolt, Edward Dufly, Ambrose Kearney and Bruno St. James. They have been ably seconded intheirefforta by the rector of the parish, Rev. E. D Kelly. The ladies, too, have been very act re. Miss Sarah Smith for charge of the choir booth, Miss Gertie Clancy of the green booth, Mrs. Ambrose Kearney o the TJ. of M. booth, Mrs. Martin M Seabolt winter scène booth, Mrs David Ross refreshment tables, Miss Katie Irwin flower booth, Miss Ella Meuth lemonade booth, and Mis Kate Fohey fish pond. As the visitor enters the door, hi attention is attracted by a postoffice where for five cents you can receive the nicest kind of a billet doux. In the opposite corner is the fish pond fllled with prizes. The winter scène booth is ornamented with beautiful white Irapery, with every thing else to match. Next to this stands the U. of M. kooth, which is trimmed with the college colors and thatched with bright yellow straw. A picture of President Angelí adorna the outside walls. The green )ooth, as suggeeted by its name, is adorned with green draperies and )ack ground. The flower booth is also worthy of mention. Few articles are sold outright, but chances are given at 5, 10, 15, 25 cents or more. At the rate these are being disposed of, the receipts of the fair cannot but be large. Musical entertainments are a prominent feature of the fair. Otto's band played Tuesday evening. Last evening instrumental music was furnished by Miss Minnie Davis and vocal music by B. St. James. Minnis' orchestra will play tonight and other attractions are booked for the remaining days of the fair, which will continue till Saturday, October 31. Bishop Foley and several priests have attended the fair, besides many other persons from this part of the country.


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