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TOLEDO p AnnarboR (f AND 0 N NORTH MICHIGAN) C RAIIWAY. w- uJ TBAI.W LÉATE AJÍSr ARBOK OOING NORTH. No. 6. SW6 p.M _ Oare PunngQr.' G0IK8 SOTJTH. No. f' ,rA-u -Ann Albor Toledo Accam Central StoncUrd Time. All traína dally except Sunday. Traln 4 and 5 rnn between Aun Arboraad Toledo, onlj. W. H. BBNNKTT, G. P A .Toledo. B. a OBBENWOOD, Agent, Ann Actoor Michigan (Tentrae í The Niágara Fallt Route: CENTRAL STANDARD TIMK. TRAINS AT ANN ARBOR. Going Kaat. Ooiog Wm KU 4.42 p.m. Ï.K.ol Daj Expre 5.25 p.m. 8.,m, North 8hore Umltedt 6.22 p. m. 10.11 a. m. Chicago Eiprewf 2.19 p.m. N. Y. &Um. Ext 9.45 p. m. Síght Kxpre_ 8.0S a. m. EToning Expraar 9Up.m Atlantic Bxpnxaf 7.45 a. m. Pactllo KxproMf-. 10.30 p. Grand Baplds Ex 10.19 a. m. 5J2p. m. Daüj except Sondar. - DaHr except Satardaj i - Dailr O. W. BÜOGIJni H. W. HAYÏ8, O. P. & T. A. Chicago. A't. Ano Artwr. 1S& W JnH HACQUUIITE0WITHTHeOt08RIW0FIHI3COUmTWUlBTl MUOH VAUMBU INFORMATION FROB A 8TU0Ï Of TUIS UtP Of THi CMca&o, Roet Islaiii & Paciüif Ry, The Direct Route to and from Chicago, Joltet, Ottawi, Peoría, La Salie, Moline, Rock Island, in ILLINOIS ; Davenport, Muscatine, Ottuiawa, Oskalooea, De Motnea, Wlnteraet, Andubon, Harían and Coonell Bluff, In IOWA ; Minneapolls and 8t. Paul, In MOfNESOTA ; Watertown and Sioui Falls, In DAKOTA ; Cameron, St. Joaeph and Kansas City, in MISSOURI; Omaha, Lincoln, Falrbury and Nelnon; In NEBRA8KA; Atchison, Leavenworth, Horton, Topeka, IIutchlMon. Wlchlta, Belleville, Abileo, Dodge City, Caldvall. In KANSAS ; Klngflgher, El Reno and Mineo, in INDIAN TERRITORY; Denver, Colorado Springi and Pueblo, in COLORADO. Trareroes new areas of rich &mlng and grazing lands, aflbnling the beat factliUes of liter ommunlcatton to all towns and cities east and ft, norttiwest and southwest of Chicago and to PacISc aad trans-oceanic seaports. MA QNXFICENT VESTIBULE SXPRESS TRAINS Leadlng all competltors in aplendor of equlrment, between CHICAGO and DE8 MOINE3, CODNCTL BLUFFS and OMAHA, and between CHICAGO nd DENVER, COLORADO SPRINGS and PÜEBLQ. Tla KASBAg CITT and TOPEKA and via 8T. JO8BPR Ftnrt-Clas Dy Coacbe, FREÍ! RECTJNIKG CHAIB CABS, and Paiaoe Sleepers, ith Dlning Car Service. C1DS6 connectioni at Denver and Colorado Spring wtth llrerglng rallwaj linea, now forming the new ana plctureaque STANDABD GAUGE TRAirS-ROCKY MOUKTAUf ROOTB Prer whlch saperblr-equlpped tralnfl run iatly THROCGH WITHOUT CHANGE to and froa Halt LakeCity, Ogden and San Francisco. THE BOCK tSLAND Is alao the Direct and Farorlte Line U and (rom Manitou. Pikes Peak and all other sanilary and ■cenlc naorta and cities and rotnlng diatrlets tn Otttsndo. DAILY rAST SX PRESS TRAZOS Frora St Joteph and Kansas City to and. (rom all fan. portant town. citlM and secttona in Seathern Kebtaska, Kanaas and the Indlan Tenltory. Also Tía ALBEBT LEA HOÜTP. from Kansas City and Cblcago to Watertown. Mooi Falla, MINNEAPOLI3 and ST. TêSBU connectlong for all polnts north and northwest bMwMn the lakes and the Paciflc Ooait. Por Tickets, Map, Folders, or desired lnlonsaUoa apply to any Coupon Ticket Ofiee In the United States or Canada, or address E. 8T. JOHN, JOHN SEBASTIAN, Gin! M nag-r. Geni Tkt. & Pas. Aft, CHICAQÖ. UX.


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