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Baking Powder Facts

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From Chicago Tribune. The public is always responsivo to suggestions about the food it eats. Great interest has been taken in the investigations made by the United States and Canadlan governments and by the different boards of health to show the purity or impurity of milk, baking aowders, ipices, and other articles of daily use in the culinary department of our house holds. Just now the subject of baking powder ia clairuing public attention. We all desire pure and wholesome bread and this cannot be had with the use of impure or poisonous baking powder. There can be no longer any question that all the cheaper, lower grades of baking powders contain either alum, umr, ur puospuuiic acia. Ttie offi.-ial analyses by the United States aud Canad an governtnents have tlierefue been studied wilh interest and have pretty clearly established the facts upon thia subject. The United States government report gives the names of eiuhteen well known powders, mime "f them advertised as pure cream of tartar baking powders, that contain aluin. The report shows that the Rnyal baking powder was found the hihest in leavening strength, evolving 160.6 cubie inihes of gas peraiiiüleounceof powder. Tliere were eight otlier brande of cieam ol tariar powders tested their averane strength being reponed to be 111.5 cubic incheh ol ga per ounce of powder The Canadian government investiga tions were of a still larger nuniber of pcwderR. The Royal bakinü powder was liere alo eliown the purest and hijiht-st in strengtb, containing 129.32 cubic inuhea of lHavenine gas per ounce of powder. Nine other cream of powdere were tented, and their average strength was 89 cubic of aas per ounce of puwder. Tht-se figures ar very instructiye to the practical Imusekeeper. They indícate ..hat the Royal bak:ng powder goes iv ore than 33 per cent further in ufe thsu ih." -otliers, or io one-third tcora economical. Siill more important than this, however, they ptoved this papular artille has been bruugbt to the. highest degree of purity - for to ita superlative purity thi superiority in strength is due - and conseqnently that by ita use we may beinsured the puret and most whotesome food. The powders of lower Btrtngth are found to leave large amoants of inert matters in the food. This fact is etn phasized by the report of the Ohio State Food Commissioner, who, while inding the Royal practically pure, "ouna no other powder to contain less ;han 10 per cent. of inert or foreign matters. The public interest in this question nas likewise caused to be made investírationa by our local authorities. Prof. W. S. Harnee, of Rush Medical College, consulting chemist of the Chicago Board of Health, has found results pimilar to those reponed by the national and Canadian authorities. Dr. Haines says: Rush Midical College, Chicago, III. I have recently obtained samples of the chief baking powders in the market, and have subjected themtocarefulchemcal examinationto determine their purity,wholesomeness and leavening power, As the result of my tests I rind the Royal baking powder superior to all the others in every respect. It is entirely free from all adulterations and wholesome in purity, and in bhking it gives offagreater volume of leavening gas thanany other powder. Itis,therefore, not only the purest, but also the strongest powder with whieti I am acquainted. Walter S. Hainks, M. D. Consulting Chemist, Chicago Board of Health. The statistics show that there is used in the manufacture of the Royal baking powder rhorethan half of all the cream of tartar consumed in the United States for all purposes. The wonderful sale thus indicated for the Royal baking powder - greater than that of all other baking powders combined - is perhaps even a higher evldence than that already quoted of the euperiority of this article, and of its indispensableness to modern cookery.


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