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Royal Baking Powder Has No Equal

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The Royal Baking Powder will make sweeter, lighter, finer-flavored md more wholesome bread, biscuit and cake than any other leavening agent It is of higher strength, and therefore goes further in work and is more economical. All government and scientific tests go to show this. Royal Baking Powder as a leavening agent is absolutely without an equal. Rush Medical College, Chicago. "As the result of my tests I find the Royal Baking Powder superior to all the others ïn every respect. It is entirely free from all adulteration and unwholesome impurity, and in baking it gives off a greater volume of leavening gas than " any other powder. It is therefore not only the purest but also the strongest powder with which I am acquainted. "WALTER S. HAINES, M. D.," Prof. of Chemistry. Chicago College of Pharmacy. "The Royal Baking Powder, which tests the highest in strength, is free from lime, alum, lime phosphates or other adulterations. lts superlative purity, the entire wholesomeness of its ingredients, the scientific manner in which they are combined, together with its much greater strength, make the Royal unquestionably superior to any other baking powder. "H. D. GARRISON," Prof of Chemistty


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