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Real Estate Transfers

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Hiram Swift, by Probate Court.Assignment. C. C. Vromln to J. B. Van Fosser, Ypsi. City. 8 800 Jacob Ennis to E. E. Leland, Nortlilield Ü00 L. U. Redman to H. Baur, A. A City 2,900 Ypfci. Dairy Assoc, to E. H. Cosler.Ypsi. City 400 Deüa Kuffby Probate Ct. ASsigv-ment Catlierine Paul lo a. J. Paul, Pittsfleld 1,000 H. T. Morton to P. A. Noble, A. A. City 10 T. Donovan et al, to P. Donovau, Commissioner's deed - „„„ L. H. Koberts to A. F.Tracy, Pittsfield 2.C00 A. and C. W. Raymond to Ueo. Sniith, Manchester 800 Orauge Wtlch to Jas. WalUce, Manchester. . I S. C.Chandler to Llllian Cnaudler, Pittsfield 800 E Kiviesihski to U. Frenes, Augusta 300 J. Howes lo C. Gierbock. Freedom 2,550 Mary Crawford lo E.R. Beal, Ypsi. City 3,800 J.M.Hooverto A. M. and M. ií. Hoover, Augusta 500 C M, Lowe to J. M. Hoover, Augusta 501) H. T. Morton to W. K. Keru, Mauchester E A (Jalkins to Eleanor 1'. C'aikins.A. A.City. 1 W. Wilcox el al, to M. Resichmer, Auíusta.. 500 M. Keichiner to Jay Dickinsou, Augusta 375 II. Walsb to Ji'di'y Walsh, Webster _ 1 H. L. Ucuon to Jay Erutewischer, Freedoin and Sh&ron 6- Herriat VVaruer et al, to Q. V (age, Sylvan, 1,100 I.avinaWelch et al, to AnsonWitueral, Mauchester Ausel Witherel to Clara tfelcn et al, 1 Ausel Withereï'iö ciaraWelc'h et a, ManJ.Schumache'r'tö'AÏ'.senuinacher, Chelsea.. 100 W H Sanders lo C. iL. Lockwood, Ypsi. City 25 Adam Kramer by Adm. to Adam Kramer, Freecom 100 M O Mooreetal, to Jesse Thom, Augusta, 1,000 M. G. Moor et al, to G. H. Tñompou " 1,000 Alfred Miller to Jacob Sturm, Lodi 12S .1. K. Young to Ch. Hertier, Saline 1 1). He:ming toJ. Sturm, " 150 M O. Baluss to Ainsworth Batchelder, Ypsi. City 76 A. A & Y. Street Rsilway Co. to O. A. Amswortn, Ypsi. City 200