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They Worked Hard

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Hldermen Wagner, Fillmore, and ■lorfailed to appear Tnesday even■ in the couucil chamber, but Prol'. Hey was present and Mayor ThompI, Pres. Watts invited Mr. Cooley ■itbehind the presidential desk, but ■t gentlemen preferred the onter H9. Ou motion of Aid. Prettyman ■ Cooley was given the pri veleges of ■ couucil. ■ld. Manly moved tliat the mayor be ■plied permauently v.'ith a chair inKtbe rail, inasmuch as His llonors ■ deelared bis íntention to be freBnt'.y preeent. Hiiis was an adjourned meeting but it ■ dec'ded to go through the regular ■line. The Mayor sent his first veto Kagi'. It related to the Jas. Kennis Hhtion. The Mayor held that the Hn! by the council of permission to Rtaframe building withiti the fire Hits was contrary to an ordinnnce Btberefore of no forcé and no proHion to Mr. Kearns, who would be Hiject to fines just the same, if he proBdeil to put up the frame structure. HeJüyor's veto was Busthined. This Hult pleafed Aid. Kitson as it vindiHed his position on tbe matter last Hek. Mr. R. Kempf peütiüned to He two electric light poles set outsiiie Hcurb. Aid. Prettyman moved that Hdectric light company be requested Hitteml to the matter, but Aid. Herz Hame puspicious at once that PrettyHn was endeavoring to work a deep Heme on the council to get sorae man Hfirmed for marshal or saloons closed HJsix o'dpck or some such horrible Ing, and it became necessary to refer ■ matter to the ligijting committee Bh power to act in order to enable Hther business to be transacted. Bid. Manly presented an ordinance Hkting to whlch was passed Becond reading. ■hen the Sewtr Committee reported Bheme for paying for lateral eewers. Be principal points of this plan were Btthe whole cost of laterals exclusive ■house connections, but including ■ch basins and other accessories, Buld be determined over the whole B, considered either as one district, ■livided as might seem best, and one ■f of this cost be asseseed on abntting ■perty holders as a front foot tax ■e cost of street connecting sewers Bi' be paid for by the people using ■m, the cost being estimated from the ■teroftbe street. People on corner Ipiy on onehalf their total street Bitage, i. e. on six rods on an ordinary ■ rod lot. Whera lot are irregular ■liape the tax shall be estimated on ■ babis of a standard lot. Lots on a ■insewer shall pay the same as those ■laterals. Business establishments of ■ious kinds have to pay special rates. Buis not to exceed $40,000 are to be Bied to promote the building of these B'als. ■be report was adopted. It is only a Bnminary expression of policy and ■ details will be covered by special Bnance3 from time to time. ■Uommittee was appointed to go to ■Ming for needed lgilation. It conBed of the mayor. Pres. Watts, City ■ y Morriti, and Aldermen Manlv and Vtlyman.


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