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The Annual Field Day

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■íneofthe finest field-days in years ■s held last Saturday afternoon at tlie ■letlc fleld. Several college records ■te lowered and mach fine work was H1 It was a great day for the Fresh■nlits who won 41 points and the ■awofhaving their name enpraved ■ Uie Siudents Lectnre Associafion m iüeirsisthefirstinscription. The WMn f ürst and second places are V to Clucago for the inter-collegiate f"8. There was a fine pair of of tíeld ■8 cuerea to the best all around m, and this was won by Geary '96, h 2o points. The 100 yd dash and ■-Uyd dash were very fine race?; W Urne was quick and Chapman won ■ soarcely a foot each time over Ken■ ine 220 yd hurdle was a!so au px■l! coatest. ïhe results were as folr the naines being in order of place ■ÍcrdnUlt""AllBtÍn 6 '"' Chap" Wwming high junlp_Geary 5 ft 4 n# IJJi Horton. EL"18 dash-ChaPman, 10 sec, B mile bicycle race-Belden, 5:58 3-5, WjJ, Parmelee WhM run-IIolt. 5:09. Titsworth. f: l Put- Hall. 34 ft. 11 in., F.ndlay, B20 yards hnrrllo wk; ot o k „ ■gd.Geary ' ' r Han'ng hamn)er-Percy, 74 ft. Lautn!onard8 da8h-Chapman, 22 2-5, sec. ony,at3h-Ashley'558ec-'Sanípinbc'hcycle wee-Belden, 2:52, SeeBíh . ki.k-True, 8 fc. 8 in. Geary. fcidy Un Grosh. 2:16 1-5, Holt, K Hortod jump-Gear'' 9 "' inWlf ran the 440 yards race against doingitin55 2-5 sec.


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