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The Freahmen talk of a elass social at Granjrer'H Hall eurly in June. Prof, Scott is getting out an enlarged edition of ti is paragraph writing. E. E. Powell, '85, ia the pastor of tbe only Protestant chureh in Rome, Italy. J. H. Sawyer, lit '95, left recentlj to be government inspector at the "Soo." Prof. Knowlton's lecture on Jewieh Jurisprudente will be given at Newberry Hall next Monday evening. No arimission is ctiared. Tickets to Detroit and return, D.'coration Dav. including admission to the g,me with Cornell are 10 be obtained of the athleiic association for$1.25. Friday evening the U. of M. Mitis'rels 2ve an entertainment at the opera house for the benefit of the athletic assouiation. The U. of Wisconsin completad a 125,000 gymnasium this year. Their base b.ill nine has won se 'en successive victories. The Boston Symphony orcheslra nrnoert was a matnificeit suocess. The Hall was crowded. The favorite selections seemed to be HandplVLirgo," Berlinz's " Menuet des Feu-Follets " and "Valse des Sylphes" frora Faust. Agathe'd Aria fiom der Freischuetz sung by Miss FelicĂși K ischoska was very warinly re eived. Pi;ople eoquire curicusly into the wnyness ot ttie norn de bat worn upon , oci-asion ly pome oiour favorite play) ers in the 'Vaisity nine. Krogman (. has posed as Bray, an(3 Spurney as fclan( Ion. Ii there pareDtal interdiction in.spiring tliesp concealuients, or is Ihere a for the dramatic triamphs of a tjrpat unknown suddenly revealed. Bse ballis rampant on the campn?. Four fraternities have a leagup, Pdi U., Alpha Delta Phi, D. K. E. and Za, the winner to be banqueted by the others; the olass garacs are in progresi'; the University nine is making Ihings fairly lively; and laatly it is rumored that the co-uda are pracUcing and may be expected to put a team in tlie field to defeat the clat-s champions. The 'Varsity nine were defea'ed after nine successive victories by D. A. C. at Detroit and by Cornell at Ithaoa. The Cornell game was noc a fair test inasmuch as lastyear's rules were D8ed and the pitcher was placed 5n t'eet from the home plate instead of 55 feet. Tne Cornell manager alter Michigan had atrived refued to play unless the old rules were adopted.


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