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■VVhen the Kegents assembled last Friday inorning they found a swartn of Homeopathie physcians in waiting demanding a hearing. Dr. J. C. Xottingham, president of the state society, Dr. Lee of Itoehester, X. Y., Drs. Milner of Grand Rapids, DeSeur and Ilarold Wilson of Detroit, and others, were there to express the opposition to Dean Obetz; while Dr. Covey of GrandLedge Harvey Gilbert of Bay City, X. R. Gilbert of Bay City, Pattison of Xorthville, and Rudy of Detroit carne in his defense. The Regents agreed to give each sideone hour and admit the representatives of the press. Dr Gatchell opened the case for the prosecution by reading a brief charge signed by himself and Drs. MacLachlin and Wood to the effect that Dr. übetz had forfeited all just claim to his position, that his further retention would be a serious injury to the institution and asking for his dismissal. The three gentlemen whose signatures were attached to this document proeeeded brierty toexplain that Dr. Obetz's plan of fusión of the two schools had not been presented in good faith; that it meant the destruction of the Homeopathie College; that he had forfeited the confldence of th profession throughout the state a great blow to the school for it had been established and maintained by the profession; his treatment of the other members of the faculty was arbitrary and unjust. Dr. Nottingham next repeated the charges that he preferred against Dr. Obetn at the Lansing meeting of the state society recently- of duplicity, disloyalty, libel of his profession, of reniiirks in his class-room derogatory to the efliciency of the College, of conspiracy to get the chair of anatomy in the regular school, and of other acts destructive of the interests of the department. These charges were accompanied by specitícations indicatiüg the line of proof. Dr. LeSeur foljovved stating the action of the State soeietv on Dr. Nottingham's chargp.s. They foun 1 Dr. Obetz guilty on eveiy count auu appointed a committee to mforin the Kegents and ask for his removal. Dr. Jlilner made a similar statement trom the meeting of the Homeopathie Alumni Association, making the same equest. Dr. Lee of Eochester reviewed Dr. Obetz published statements about his scheme pointing out absurdities and contradictions. Dr. Harold Wilson finished by calling attention to the strong array of organizations, the state society, the alumni, the Grand Rapids society and the Saginaw Valley association, that take the position that Obetz's usefulness has departed, and demand his dismissal. Dr. Obetz began his defence himself. He said it was ten years since he first carne to the state and from what he learned then, he knew that sooner or later this attack would come, he was only surprised that it had not come sooner. He would be happy to come before the regents with his attorneys and be tried with sworn witnesses. "The only motive of these proceedings is my downfall." He then took up the charges against him one by one. What ne said to the students was art the sire of Dr. MacLachlan whothought he should answer certain newspaper reports that he was about to renounce Homeopathy, and the words used had been misinterpreted and misquoted. As for duplicity, he had simply done what theregents requested hitn todo without asking permission theprofession atlarge in the state. The conspiracy for the chair of anatomy was ridiculous. The regents had requested him toget opinions of tlie other school. He had had an informal talk with DrsVaughan and Doek Dr. Vaughan had said that if the naire Homeopathy was dropped so that the National Medical Association would continue to recognize the school that he eould see no objection to unitingthe schools. Jt was Br. Vaughan that spoke of his having the chair of anatomy. His talk with Dr. Campbell about it was all a street corner joke. As for his opposition to the University appropriations, wlien the regulara tnlkecl of going to the legislature independently he was prppartd to wolk against their hospital bilí in order to secure the privileges of their clinic for his students; when it became a university matter his hands were tied. As for libel, his remarks had been misunderstood. As for his plan it was notliing more than the plan of the founders of the Homeopathie department. First suggested by Sawyer. He had taken up the cause where they laid it down. Kegeiit Kiefer had asked for a trial plan to be submitted to both dep.irtnients of medicine. This had been done. The regulare had kept their copy private; but his own faculty had spread it broadcast with misrepresentations. Ile finished by declaring hiniself ready to retire when his usefulness had departed. Dr. Covey of Grand Ledgestated that he had spent more years and dollars than any other man there had davs and cents in trying to build up the Homeopaihie department; and that Obttz's sclieme was the idea of the íathers of the institution. The Lansing meeting of the state society he deciared to be the biggest farce he ever saw. Dr. Ilarvey Gilbert thought if Dr. Obetz was guilty of all those charges he should be taken right out and hanged. He said that in Dr. Noltingham's original address the board of regents we re deciared to be co-conspirators with übetz. Dr. Hudy of Detroit then spoke of the great improvement of the college under the adininistration of Dr. Obetz, and deelared that Dr. Obetz's enemies now had been so lor a long time, from one month up to several years. Dr. Pattison of Northville, deciared the Lansing meeting farcical, and deciared himself convincedof Obetz's honesty. Dr. X. R. Gilbert made out that Drs. Gatchel and Nottingham had rushed the resolution of the Saginaw Valley Association through at the last end of a meeting when only 15 out of a membership of ÏW were present; and only six voted for the resolution. The prosecution were given ten min utes to reply. Dr. Gatchell said that the relations between the Homeopathie department and the profession were such that he believed it his duty to notifv the state society of Dr. Obetz's designs of fusión. He replied to insinmitions about his own motives. Dr. MacLachlan told the story of a conversation betrteen übetz audhiiuself wherethedean had statedthatllegentKieferhad prom ised him the chair of anatomy and a 812,000 laboratory. Dr. Obetz denied making those statements whereupon Dr. MacLachlan declared his willingnessto make affidavit to them. The regents adjourned till 2 p. M. when the matter was referred to the medical committee of which Itegent Kiefer is chairman.


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