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A ' Ortalii 1 ure for IMlrs. We do not intend t: intloree any ex(■opi urticle of (ienuinp iBerit; we therefore, take pleaMire n recomnieflIing to ,-ufl'ererH trom P].s in any fonm, a and peruntnoal cure. The folIowing letters ppenk frr ti eniseivef: Mr.s. .lnry C. 'J'yler. of Heppner, Ore., wnteí: U"' i kg. o f Pyraroia Pile Cure Hiií-irt-ly cnreil me t i!en trom which I huye siiff--rcl for years, nd I have never had the slihte3t returó oftlietn since. Mía E. O'Brien, línck Blivff, Neb., says: Tlie pkir. of Pyrrmw! t'ih Cure entirely removed Bvery trai" of itohintr piles, I Canuot thutik yon e'iongh fo'i', The P riimid Pile Cure ís a dfw, eeitain p:i"!t-s cur for ev.-ry f.jrui of piles. It is safe, ture and r.heep, Any drnfig'si ui get it for you i; ou ask him. In some ruspects friendship is bet ter (han love. The world is a house just large enougU for one lover, bat there is always a vacant room for friend. - Banu's Iïorn. II;irucs himI I!iirt"}'. Iree OITer. A 810 m 1 "f Harneas for nnlv $4 55. 8100 Tup Bnpgy for only 819.75 Yon !i examine our goodn ut your place be1 e ying one cent. Rend i'or il nsate) C'HtelOíue u'ivii g to roniitnerg t li .- 1 ure th m ïetail dealer i'tual cost. Si nddrfips and tln- ad rti-mnru ' 1 A I VAN MaNCFACTüRINQ 'o., Dept E K..C citgo.Iüs. 67


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