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For Oíd and Young. Tut f 's Iilver Pilis act as ktndly on the child, the delicate female or lnfiriu ld age, as upon the vigoróos man. Ü Pilis Rlve tone to the wcak stomaoh, bow els, kidneys and bladder. To these organs tlielr st rcnutlieiiiiiír qualltles are wonderful, causin; thein to perforra their f unctions us In yoatb. Sold Every where. Office, 140 to 141 Washington St., N. Y. MSLK PRERERVATIVE. Milkmea, Daiiymen and fteamerymen can keep Mllk & CTenm f. to 1 (iays, swtet and froh WITHOUT lcr. himple, uuttiling, uistek-ss nndrhcup. Sample t' uiij aOfhcss on reeeipt of :ic poatage. I'nlcntei'S & sole Mfrs , Preservaline M'f fo., 0 ('edarst , Nt-w York. BBl "PAJRKER'S i KA!R EALSAM tÊlLtc"mi"' "d bMUtifiM thc. hAÜffc!i-r- JSw l'ever FailH to HestorO G-ray lm f ■jSm Illl'' 'o i'-s Youluful Color. EtVí - ■ - Si Curetj ecap diirascs &. hair lallin. IÍV.f J fiOe, uvA $1.00 at rru?jí..-ia Tho Con su m pti ve and FeeTile and tii vtn ii.ffirfrotn ('ri-.a'i'iiiit Ml8i'9i io .[ i.wi-'ite? Gineer Tonic. Itoural.'iewoi : . i. Dtfbillty, J:aifMtioaFmK!e'Weakiitfsl,lUieuinatLmgjia l'aiii. 60c. & $1. HIHDERCOTf!?. TSooniy rorc i-"ftir Con Stopi IÏ lm.. . ■. . 14S16U Natures Schenck-s Remedy t for Mandrake LlVER T s. LlVER PlLLS COMPLAINT = á ! ■ ■': . ■ - . ■ ' , I KEEÍPCOOL iuside, outsidc, and all the way ihrougb, by drlpklng r ; HiRES9 S Thi (jreatTempenmce drink; -'''' is iir hea!' ifa . as It l pleasant. Try it


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