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Your Painter has often wasted time and material in trying to obtain a shade of color, and has even resorted to the use of ready mixed paints, the ingredients of which he knew nothing, because of the difficulty in making a shade of color with white lead. This waste can be avoided by the use of National Lead Company 's Pure White Lead Tinting Colors These tints are a combination of perfectly pure colors, put up in small cans, and prepared so that one pound will tint 25 pounds of Strictly Pure White Lead to the shade shown on the can. By this means you will have the best Saint in the world, because made of ie best materials - Strictly Pure White Lead and pure colors. Insist on having one of the brands of white lead that are standard, manufactured by the " Old Dutch" process, and known to be strictly pure : "Armstrong & McKelvy" "Beymer-Bauman" "Eckstein" "Fahnestock" "Anchor" "Kentucky" "Morley" "Southern" "Shipman" "Red Seal" ' "Collier" "Davia-Chambers" These brands of Strictly Pure White Lead and National Lead Co. 's Pure White Lead Tintine Colors are for sale by the most reliablc dealers in paints everywhere. If you are going to paint, it will pay you to send to us for a book contamine ïnformation that may save you many a dGw sr; it will only cost you a postal card. NATIONAL LEAD CO., 1 Broailway, New York, Chicago Branch, State and Fifteentt Streets. BARGAMÑÍS 3N MiLLiNERÏ AND FANCY 000DS. As I ara iníending to make a (jhange in my August 1, I wish to close out my entire stock of GERMANTOWN YARNS, CHILDRE-N'S UNDEKWEAIt, EMBROIDERY SILK, BflLLIXERY, FliOWEliS and RIBBONS. MISS MARY F. MI LEY 20 E.-Washington-st.. Ann Arbor. JAY C. TAYLOR, TENOR SOLO1ST AND TEACHER OF THE VOICE. Vocal Studio, 51 South Main St., Ann Arbor, Mich. NEW STORE! NEW&SEGÖÜNANDGOODS BOUGHT AND SOLD 23 N. Main St., Opposite PostOffice. W. JrT. IDASZIIsr. itos. e .ê-jstx) a Washington Street, Aun Arbci, Miohiean. ave lwuys on hand a complete Stoe sj ever' SRÖCERÏ LL1! Teas, Cofíees and Sugars All prime Artlcles houïbt for Cash and can sell t Iok figures. Our ir-que.nt large iüvoices o Tea is a snre sign thin we iive hargains in QUALITY AND PRIOE. We roast our own coflecs every week, alwajb freen and Rood. Our bakery turusout the ver best of Bread, Cakes aad Crackers, Cali and ste ns. JOHN BAljMGARDNEÍr DEALER IN AMERICAN AND IMPORTED GRANITES, and all kinds ot Building Stone CEMETERY VVORK Correr of Detroit and Catberine 8ts. ANN ARBOR. MICH TSÍ 55 h 5STB '8 ?""?'" "tiiieipii i ííuOl KrKH2,f8 ?ewpaper AÏ-wi 9 .-'■ 1 ESuutUai AgntC] ut Mossr V'. AVE# it SON.ourattttorlaed whb


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