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Your Watch Insured Free. A perfect insurance against theft or accident is the now famous - bow, - the only bow (ring) which cannot be pulled or wrenchedfrom the case. Can only be ffi& had on cases containingthis tradc mark. jjp -MADE BY- Keystone Watch Case Company, of Philadelphia. the oldest, largest, and most complete Watch Case factory in the world - 1500 employees; 2000 Watch Cases daily. One of its producís is the celebrated Jas. Boss Filled Watch Cases which are just as good as solid cases, and cost about one half less; Sold by all jewelers, without extra charge for Nonpull-out bow. Ask for pamphlet, or send to the manufacturers. CAHÍIckS Cioï Bndaotni and ic':uvoa".l thotroublea tod rl'jtit to a blücmfl statoof tho Eyntoin, Ruch afl JDizz'neet, Kausea, ProvrsloMB, Distreas aftes eulug. ïftlnin tio Siite, &0. Wh;la theirmort remarcable euccoss ïias been phown in c-ui'lsg 4 HcaSaebo, yot Cnrfsr's JA'Mo LiT"r PÍH9 aM equally ralnablQ in Con-stipition, curiugandpra ventiníí thiaanuoyir.cicomplaiiit.%vhilo theyala ComotaUcli! orders of ihcetoracch.stimulatotha liver and laabto thebowald. Evea iï tliejonlj ApIi s thcy wo il :1 bc almoatpriuclcr.3 to tilosa wUd Buifor f rem tbis diatressing comx'l2-"1; but iortuHately thcirr;r:odnGsadoosnotondiiore,andthosa Whooccotry Ihem vü! flud thsao littlo pilla valtt eblein soraiLTiy wayfl tUu.t tlioy wlll not bo wilïiag to do withüut theia. But aftsr ailsick toad 'IsftéliaDeof soir:iuiyll79a '.bai hcra {3 whau woto&oour great beaat. Oui i.Uac'areitwñila otbfirf' donot. Ctr-1 cï'i; !-; I'v-r PH'.r, nro -rcr 'niu ana very easy to taï.e. One or two pilla rnkea doso. ïijey ure ctriotly voyetabla aud do not gripo or pur,-. :. L-oütloaction pleaeoall wha tuelhem. Ü:vial3t25cents; flveforfl. Solo by di-i2iats evwywliero, er soct by mail, OARYER mEOtOINO CO., New York. SKÁLLPILL. SMALL ÜOSE. SM4LLPRICt '- S [TRADE MARK ÜBUttTSKXD.j ÏÏ&3 %i MADE A WELL H1NDOO REMEDY VJ't yVj PRODUCES THE ABOVK 1 Zf % y ItESfLTS In 80 DAVS. Curts a 1 3?X .d" Nervous ülaeases, Kuil ing Memory, V "fv I'aresis. Sleeplessness, Nihtly xi- slons, (f fves vigor to slirunken org-ans, cansed by past abusos and quickly but surely restores Loot Munhouil inotduryoung. Easily carricd in vest purkot. Price l.OO a package. Six for #5.00 wlth u writteii guurBillet- to euro or money refunded. Don't let uny unprmclpled drnprpist Bef] you any kind of imitdtion. Insist onhavinf? INIAP- none other. ff he has not got it, we will send it by mail upon receipt of priee. I amptüetin sealed envelope free. Address Oriental Medu-al Co., Proprlfton, Oblrao, 111. , or our agente. OLD by Mann Bros., 39 South Main St., ANN ARBOR, MICH., and other leading druggists. Nerve Jtk Blood Af SKTSnföpÊbKSjË Send for mL BM MylÊÊkwB MF dGscriptivc KÍ#KVH 'T"u piunphlet. 6 for Stó.5o. T and Brockfille. Ont. #Ö7BfÜfffiSS Act on a new principio- regúlate the livar, atcmaoij ana bowels through tlts nervet. Db. Miles' Puja iptedlly cute bliloüBness, torpid liver and censtipaüon. Smailoai, inilöest, eorriot! íQáosG,3SotG. ■Sunploe irce it druL'fits. Pr. Miles ïlcd. Co., oIíüiíUh Ifil Soll Iy KBEKKATlf A MIV. Unlike the Dutch Process tNo Alkalies Other Chemicals are used in the preparation of W. Baker & Co.'s Breakfast Cocoa, which is absolutely pure and soluble. It has more than three iimes the strength of Cocoa mixed with Sturch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is far more economical, costing less than. one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing, and easilï DIGESTED. Sold by Crocers ovorywhere. W. Baker & Co., Dorchester, Mass. Til CliRES WHtKE ALL ELSeTaILS. jE kJ Best Couxh Syrup. Taste Good. Use IH intime. S(ld by dniKKists Hf


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