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Swept By Wind

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IN WI8COK8IN. Dodgeville, Wis., May 23.- The township of Moscow, about 15 miles east of this city, was visited by a cyolone Monday evening, demolishing a number of residences and barns. One man has been killed, although when the strip traversed by the storm is fully heard from it is thought that other deaths will be reported. The Howe truss bridge of the Illinois Central crossing the Pecatonica river was blown down and no trains can reach this city for hours. DARLIN8T0N, Wis., May 23.- A tornado passed from the southwest in a northeasterly direction about 2 miles north of this city Monday afternoon. In the township of Willow Springs several houses, barns and other buidlings were destroyed, and Mrs. James Bailey was killed and Mr. Bailey seriously injured. The houses of William Kruse, Ed Howe and E. C. King were destroyed. The timber in the track of the tornado is leveled. It is reported that Charles Cassidy, also of Willow Springs, was killed. IJï MINNESOTA. St. Paul, Minn., May 22.- Heavy vrind, accompanied by a heavy rain, tnuch thunder and lightning, prevailed in this section all Sunday night, doing great damage to property and injuring a large number of people. It was one of the worst gales ever experienced here. The velocity over the heights bet ween the twin cities was but little less than that of a cyelone. The damage in the city to plate-glass windows was considerable. Serious damages were sustained in all parts of this city, buildings, trees, plate-glass, bridges and boats suffering to the extent of many thousands of dollars. Dicxtkk, Minn., May 2.". -In a windstorra Monday morning the residenceof O. A. Hearstead, 3 miles north of here, was blown down, completely wrecked and all the members of the family injured, Mrs. Hearstead seriously. The barn of A. Grabnue, of Pleasant Valley, was struek by lightning and five horses, together with other stock, consumed. The path of the storm is strewn with wrecked barns and but few windmilis are left standing. IN SOUTH DAKOTA. Sioux Falls, S. D., May 23.- This state was visited by a heavy wind, hail and rain Sunday night. The house of C. Pettit at Madison was demolished and Mrs. Pettit seriously injured. At Salem the water is in the streets 3 feet deep. No loss of liíe has been reported. Yankton, S. D., May 23. - Six hundred feet of the Milwaukee railway track, two elevators and the Catholic church were destroyed at Ethan Sunday night by wind. The loss is estimated at $35,000. Several plate glass store fronts were broken here.


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