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for Enfants and Chiidren. THIRTT yoara' ohaervntion of Caatoria with tho patronage of millions of persons, pennit na to peak of it without e"eingItj nnqiit'gtiona'hly thw best remedy for Infant and Chiidren the iporld has ever knowii. It 1 harmles. Chiidren like it. It Elven them health. It will sayo their Uves. In it Mother have somethtng which in absolttely iiafe and practioally perfect o a child' medicine. Castorla rtestroy TTorms. Castoria allays FcveriNhncf). Caatoria prevents vomiting Sonr Cnrd. Cantoria rarai Dinrrhoaa and 'Wind Colic Caitoria relieves Teething Tronhles. Cantoria enres Constipation and Flatnlency. Caitoria ncntrnlires the effects of carhonio acid ga or poiaonon air. Caatoria doe not contain morphine, oplnm, or other narcotic property. Cantoria aaaimilates the food, regnlates the atomach and howel, Kivlng healthy and natural sleep. Caatoria la pnt np in one-aizo pottlea only. It 1 not aold in frnlk. Don't allow n ny One to aell you anything else on the plea or Tromt thatit is"jnt aa good" and " will aniiwer every pnrpoae." See that yon get C-A-S-T-O-R-I-A. The fac-simUe 'T " " cvrr gignatnre of ut-COcJt4AL wrapTirr. Chiidren Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.


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