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The Ann Arbor Savings Bank

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Organized 1809, uuder thé General Banking Law of this State. Capital, $50,000. Snïplu, $100,090, Total Assets, $1,QQO,QQQ BusineBS Men, Guardians, Trustees, lidies and other persons will find tbis J!:iiik a Safe and Convenient Place at whioh to make Deposite and do Business. INTEREST IS ALLO WED AT THE RATE OP 4 PER C3NT. ON ALL SAVINÖS DEPOSITS of 81.OO and up-wards, according to the rules of the bank, and interest compounded semi-innually. Money to Loan in Sums of $25 to $5,000. 8ECDRED BY UNÏNCUMBERED REAL ESTÁTE AJJD OTHER 6OOD 8ICCRITIE9. DIREOTORS :- Ohrlstian Mack, W. D. EarrimBD, William Deubel, David Rinsey, Daniel Hisoock, W. B. Smith and L. Gruner. OFFIOERS: - Christian President; W. D. Harriman.VioePresldent ; Chas. E. Hisoook, Cashier, M. J. Fritz, Ae&istant Cashier. Report of the Condition of the Ann Artor Savings Bank At Ann Arbor, the close of business, December 81, 1892. RESOURCES. LIAB1LITIK8. Loans and Discount 9.781 82 1 stock .. 50.600 08 Stocks, bonds.mortgages, etc 898,344 40 9n{Llus Fmlá _ __ 100,000 W Overdrafts... -■ 2.-'6 SI Ull(fTided Profitg 15,535 52 Fumlture and flxturea 26,4292 Dividends nnpaid 2,956 OU CASH. Dne from banks In reserve I u9 g80 87 DEPOSITS. DUe;&h-e7b;;d -mai gXeSr!:8::::::!::81 Checktandclsh-ims:.:::.1 1,892 91 Certificaten deposlt 53.919 00-835,702 80 NickelB and pennies 107 6.1 5!,o:M,ltf4 82 butot00'";;!'.'.'.;;.::!;;!.'.'.'.'.'..'. ''Imo ! state of michiqan, covnty of washtenaw &■. n. 8. and Nat. Bank Notes 12.325 00 i_ chas. E. HrscocK, Cashier of the above nair ed Duefrom School District Bank, rto solemnly swear that the above stteNo.l,"Ann Arbor 1,244 60- $157,371 87 m,,L„ ( the best of mv kncwledeeend - -,T2 b6lieICHAS. E. HISCOCK. CasW Corbect -Attest: Christian Mack, W. B. Smith, L. Gruner, Directora. Subscribí and .wom to before me, this 3d dav of January., fkitz


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