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For Anyone To Dare To Demand That

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the laws and ordinances be enforceil, gives as much ofïence to the Argus as a red rag to a buil. 'Witness the violent assault on the Register I'ublishingCompany last week. The taid company liv the way has no more to do with Toe Registeu than it has with the Ihmocrat that is to say it has the contract for printing those papers. The extraordinary capacity of the Argus to niake asiniue blunders was never better illustrated than in the last week's issue oí' that paper, where it editorially charges the Register J'ublishing Company with violatiug a state law requiring corporations to file a;:nual reports. Almost anyone would have suspeeted the editor of that paper inaamuch as he is both a lawyer and a printer, of knowing something about the laws governing the printing business;but thesuspicion iseradicated. By Consulting the Public Acts of 1887, ifo. 304, sec, 13, anyone interested may learn what is really required in the way of reports frora publishing companies. The requirements there laid down, which are that the Secretary of Stateshall be reported to, andnei tlw. county clerk, have be -a promptly and regularly complied with. Tllli absurd Claim of the Times last week to have a city circulation larger than that of tny two weekiy papers calis attt-ntion to ;i very important point in letting the city's printing. If Ann Arbor goes to the expense of publishing her records, those papers should beselected that reaeh the people of the city. lt is vvoll known that the circulation of both the Argus and Courier is uiainly in the country and that one of them at least maintains a precarious existence solely because of political connections built up years ago undtr very different circuinstancts than exist tod;iy. Of the Democrat it just'y be said ' ' ' all of its circulation is in the city, and itcertainly go.'s into.rn i . than does the Timet. Tin: K r city circulation is vi rj n uch gi Ihat of any other paper htre; i fact well umWratoud by iheadvertisers. Tb : illivi !., the muri r at Cürunna is one of tho-si ful hffüirs thal makea a man tor the 1 1 í goveriinnt. Snllivau mitted was diabólica!. Considered na i ratribntii ofthemurderer was jnsliflable. B . when consider the act from its effect oi tbc participante and apon social condi it u.iils for Uk Khibition of fi. ■ ons, and of liomicidal blood-th nes.s on ihe part of peopie Bup . bed , red kh a vi overridio of tha la w, and atnation of the 'orms of proeeedur which life and liberty an on tlit'. , to he law abidiiij; and jiiütice lo the spcctacle of Sallivan dr ongh the streete at Corunna, i ren dabbliDg in his gore, old men young I: comes uue to make rueu weep for their countij in which burbarimu again d men aru as cruel au.: tiona! i


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