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Fun At The Agricultural College

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The bachelor members of the subfaculty, thi as.-üstants and tutors, linding a lack of excitement pending ia Bpring vacation time issued a challenge id in red ink to the Paculty pio:or a game of ball. ïhey ' posed couditions as folio ws: RESTEICTIONS. The president wlll not be allowed eight eeuts an hour i'or umpiring the game and When the ball sma.shes soiuebody's pectaeles, he will not be pi rmitted to say, "the aves have it." Prof. VanDervoort will not be allowed to coach at ürst unless he telephonea the Lansing lire department. Pral'. Holdsworth will not be permitn-cl to "play horse" or curry a inilk prhile running I Trof. Noble will nut be allowed the use of his wheel to cha cutDr. Beal will not be allowed to the ■ 't thatidi ■ Prof. Frank Kdzie will not be ild tolay violent hands on se.'ond I efore he lak of. Tai't nustno leral roaiotion in -1'1 ed to ciris bicycle petition ai rs. either Prof. Woodworth i or h illbeallowi shoti with "in coanecüo i wi h" the g i Prof. McNair will not be allowed to piteh parabolic spirals. Not to exceed 4 catchers will be allowed behind the bat at one time. CONCESSIONS. Dr. Kedzie will be f urnished with a pair of ice tongs to piek up hot grounders. If the day is sunny, Prof. Breckeuridge will be allowed to transfer his whiskers to the top of his head. Prof. Cook may use a long-handled bug net to catch rlies. Prof. Taft will be given a handicap of 16 feet in base running. Prof. Yedder will be allowed a copy of Bowser in each pocket to compute the trajectorie of high [lies. I)r. Edwards will be allowed to station himself on the river bank with a balloon and a bicycle as, "all around" fielder. Lieut. Lewls, if short stop, may take his choice between stilts and a step ladder. The game took Aplace and resulted in the victory of those cheeKy subs, 44 to 21.


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