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Final Concert Choral Union Series

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The Seidi Concert, May 6, presentid thu later works of LUchard Wagner to the putrons of the series. Before tliat timu however the Chor il Union iletonuiii' int ;i Wagner proi. Thewi perioi outlook over I vVagner's writing. tobe rture bpiuning Uuet lrum Flying i lude o1 Lohengrin, bfSuies thü ever (jjmlar iorus froui third act and I Minster . 'Meistersinger" Prelude closes the program. This program should be heard not only by Wagner enthusiasts but especially by those who deny to his music the element of melody. From beginning to end all is melody - that is not continuous as in his later works- but melody in the general acceptation of theword. Solos,duets,choruses etc.many of them are as well known as any of the common Italian arias. The ehoruses are superb, and many of them are more dramatic than anything in the Damnation of Faust. The Choral (Jnion luis the work thoroughly in hand and willgive a flrst-classperlormanee of the enormously diffleuit ehoruses. The orchestra will be auout the same size of the Seidl organization, will have all the instrumenta demarided by the score, (as English horn, bass clarinet,etc.,)and will be thoroughly rehearsed. The Detroit Free Press says of the orchestra at the St. Paul, (glven under Prof. Stanley's direction last month) "the work of the orchestra was a revelation No such playing was ever heard from a local orchestra bef ore." Mr. Bishop, Mr. Meyer, Mr. Mills are all great favoritos here. Mr. E. C. Towne ot X. V., the tenor, is a phenomenal Binger, according to the eastern critica. (Ile was to have been with Beidl but was detained by others). Prof. S'anley willgive a lecture on tin; program Thursday and Friday, May 25 and 26 in the chapel at 5 p. m. The expense of the concert exceeds that of any other concert in the series, and the pnce of extra tickets will therefore be il. On tale at usual places.


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