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The I I Washtenaw Real I Estáte I Exchange No.]. On Ann-st., in third i.,;. I f rom the Post Office: A f uil lot, a I ten-room, two story frame liuikiiagB with stone foundation, concreto r ellafl large cistern, and city water, withjl iirst-class barn, big enough for I horses. No. 2. On State-st., near X. UnivaM sity-ave. A nine room 1} story franyH cottage, in good condition. llooil wcll arranged, 6 on ground floor, v'iïM pantries and closets. Fine cistern, faifl cellar, city water in yard, gas, gocfl vvoodshed. Lot f uil sized. No. 3. On Lawreuce-st, near Statfl st. ïwo story,14 room frame building Stone and brit-k foundutions,conveniöiM pantries and closets, large cistern, citfl water in yard. Good woodshed. FuH lot. Xo. 4. Opposite Gymnasium on ?fl Univeraity-ave. A ten room,two storjMJ house, fine condition, full sized I Usual conven iences. Xo. 5. A farm. Excellent grasfl land, fine onion and celery land, som timber. 120 acres in southera pa; 8 county. A bargain. No. !. At the corner of LawreneH and Thayer sts. A two story briclMJ house,and a nice cottage; both s I ing on the saaie lot but facing differenS streets. The property rents readüjH for S45 per month. Anyone haviaMJ $500 can handle it. It is a rare ■ gain. No. 7. Seven lote, three l'acicj Packard-st., and four State-st., in I .1. t Lawrence addition. B; I Xo. 8. A house, on Geddes-ave, I a lot eight rods deep aud s ■ front. There is a lot of fruit and M bam. The house has stone fon I tions, city water and is a nice ewiforM able home. And it is way down e it'üf.B Xo. 9. The first house in the TI I ilton, Hose & Sheehan adeü I It can be purchased for a surpriI low figure. The house alone co I hardly be built for what the o I will sell the whole place for. Xo. 10. Fine three story and ' ■ ment residence at 46 E. CJniversit} I A cemarkably low price is placed I this property. Description elsew I Xo. 11. A very attractive ho) I i Xo. 3 Willard-st. New, handsome I convenient. Ovvner wishes to I the city and will sell very cheao. No. 12. A three story frame bu I ing. ee description in anothc: I umn. A íiue investtnent. Xo. 13. An unflnished house on Di-j vision-st near Episcopal church owner will sell considerably below cost. Xo. 14. On Thompson-st, betn Jt'iïerson and Madison, a new story, nicely Gnished, well plai frame house, on a full sized lot. ■ er lives a way and is anxious to sell. No. 15. A lot on S. University-a' Xo. 16. An acre lot out SI Prof. Steere's farm. A i house location. The Exchange would be gl' f er with people desirous ol e: Aim Arbor property for Detroit erty, or Knoxville, Tenn., pro; Offices: REGISTER N:D. Coi 8. A. MOKAS. Xo. 7. Main-st, J. VÍ. I


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